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Robot Journalism in real life: Sportbuzzer WESER-KURIER uses Retrescos rtr textengine to generate automatically written game reports

- Automatically written game reports for any number in real time

- Robot journalism enables broad coverage about all relevant football leagues

- Data of teams, games and leagues as basis for automated text generation

As one of the first publishers in Germany, Sportbuzzer WESER-KURIER, located in Bremen, uses automatically written texts for their local and regional football coverage – a core competence of regional publishers.

From now on every week, every game out of 10 leagues will be automatically written, including preliminary reports as well as reports after the games. No matter what kind of league, automatic text generation with Retrescos rtr textengine makes it possible.

Just one year ago, robot journalism was just another buzzword without real examples in the everyday life of german publishing houses. Today more and more publishers realize the enormous potential of this particular technology concerning user engagement, generation of traffic and new marketing formats.
Especially in sports: Reports to every games, generated the very moment a game is over, just like preliminary reports including profound analysis about current leagues scenarios, deliver a real and immediate benefit to users.

Provider of the software that is being used to generate these texts is Retresco, service provider in the area of content automation. Together with Sportplatz Media GmbH, also a service provider and marketer of regional sport publishers, Retresco develops and markets automatically written football reports since the beginning of 2015.

Retrescos robot journalism: how it works

While until now, the editorial staff of Sportbuzzer had to decide on what game they want to report on, out of a huge amount of games every weekend, they are now able to publish as many articles and reports as they want, within minutes ­– week after week. The texts are being read like texts written by sportscasters. The essential difference: Topicality and range of coverage increase due to automation.

The texts base on structured data from score sheets as well as other data from leagues, games and teams provided by different institutions, mostly direct at the end of a game.

„Especially due to our regulary game reports concerning lower leagues, our Sportbuzzer gets more substantial. Because of these texts we can reach user, who are interested in local matters and therefore can generate additional relevant traffic on our page. This also increases the length of stay as well as user engagement, two things that are more and more important to us“, says Niko Mehl, CEO of WESER-KURIER digital GmbH (WKD).
Steffen von Deetzen, product manager at WKD, sees the biggest benefit of automatically written game reports in the time that is being gained.

The exchange of data works easily via API. This enables users to get all the reports in real time in their content management system, which makes it possible to directly publish the reports on a digital platform.

Content-Automation: new possibilities not just in journalism

The generation of texts is just a logical extension of our solutions concerning content-automation and delivers our customers, just like us, new innovative perspectives. Besides game reports in the area of sports, we also generate a variety of texts in several other areas of application, within or outside of journalism“, says Johannes Sommer, CEO of Retresco.