About us

Retresco is the leader in semantics, content automation, and automated text generation, with an innovative and diverse client base.
Its core business is to develop highly-efficient solutions for companies that want to improve how they use their content and data.

Retresco uses open-source technology and semantic processes to help its customers improve the use of their content along every step of the value chain. Retresco goes further than just increasing user engagement and SEO – it works to streamline production processes, helping clients increase revenue.

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Unlike other companies, Retresco prefers to develop its own technology. This means that it is consistently able to think outside the box and come up with unique solutions. No matter what questions a client has, Retresco can supply the answers.


Innovation forms the foundation of Retresco’s business. Its solutions are powered by the technology it develops and its thinking is not limited by the confines of proprietary software.


Retresco has an incredible team drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds, expertise, and nationalities. What unites them is the passion they have and motivation for their work.


Alexander Siebert is the founder and creative director of Retresco. Before starting the company in 2008, he worked for the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Science of Humanities. There, he researched and wrote several scientific papers on computational linguistics. 

Alexander Siebert & Johannes Sommer, Retresco

CEO Johannes Sommer is a veteran of digitalization in the publishing industry. After studying in Berlin and Hamburg, he worked for Neue Pressegesellschaft and Südwest Presse before joining Retresco in 2013 where he is responsible for marketing and sales. 

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