The rtr textengine

Natural Language Generation is the next stage in Retresco’s market-leading products.

Our rtr textengine takes data and processes it seamlessly into natural-sounding text that is indistinguishable from human-produced content.

Retresco currently offers automated and detailed pre- and post-game reports for all leagues and games.

In addition to generating sports content, the Text Engine can be configured for finance, weather, and e-commerce use.

Expanding news coverage

Retresco’s technology enables online portals to strengthen their consumer offerings by expanding coverage using automated content.

Product flexibility

The rtr textengine can produce high-quality, in-depth texts of different lengths that are automatically aligned for target audiences.

Real-time generation

Retresco’s technology means that thousands of unique texts can be generated instantly.

Robot Journalism as a business partner

Retresco’s technology enables outlets to streamline their costs and resources through automation.

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