Natural Language Generation

Natural Language Generation Lösungen

Automatic text generation is revolutionising digital content creation. NLG applications turn structured data into natural language content – for a customised user experience and effective customer retention.

Retresco’s NLG offering comprises a managed service for clients with complex requirements, as well as an intuitive SaaS service,

Natural language generation for custom content strategies

  • Scalable, real-time content creation
  • Increase reach and SEO visibility
  • Unlock new target audiences

How Retresco automated text generation works:

  • Turns structured data into richly detailed content
  • Rules-based text generation
  • Morphological processes for a wide variety of texts
  • Automatic translation into key languages
  • Data transferred via interface
  • Made-to-measure solutions with Retresco’s managed NLG service
How Natural Language Generation works

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