Natural Language Understanding

Natural Language Understanding für Unternehmen

Whether the challenge is to provide user-friendly access to internal archives or monetise individual topics in commercial websites optimally, natural language understanding is a key technology that helps organisations make the most of their content.

Retresco’s applications are among the first innovations in the NLU field in the German-speaking world and have been successfully implemented in numerous high-profile websites.

How companies and organisations benefit from NLU applications:

  • Extract knowledge from internal data
  • Increase the visibility and relevance of specific topics
  • Aggregate and exploit content from a variety of sources

How Retrescos solutions work:

  • Extract structured data from unstructured content
  • Automatic tagging of entities and creation of internal links
  • Classification and curation of content
  • Machine learning for optimum analysis of historical data
  • Straightforward to integrate into any CMS
Natural Language Understanding Semantic Tagging

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