Text variants suggestion

Retresco takes natural language generation to the next level
with the release of a groundbreaking new feature


Natural Language Generation, a relatively new sub-discipline of Artificial Intelligence, focuses on using data to automatically generate text. Wherever structured data is generated – in e-commerce, at the stock exchange, or in reporting of sports, elections, or weather, for instance – Retresco’s NLG software textengine.io creates high-quality, reader-friendly texts from data – texts so natural, they read as though they were written by a human being.
With the release of a groundbreaking new feature called text variants suggestion, Retresco is now taking natural language generation to the next level: textengine.io now independently suggests high-quality texts based on a sample sentence entered – within milliseconds, at the touch of a button, and without any complicated setup by the user.
The automatically generated texts can be adopted either partially or completely and can also be revised at any time. Human and machine thus work hand in hand: the software generates data-based text suggestions, while the human user ultimately decides how to use them.

Increase the variance of formulation at the touch of a button

Reduce time to content significantly

Avoid duplicate content

Optimize flexibility in creative processes

Accelerate the process of automatic text generation

This new feature is particularly relevant in cases where large volumes of versatile, high-quality text are required. A positive side effect of creative and highly versatile texts, such as those created automatically within milliseconds by the new Retresco feature, is that they also perform well in SEO rankings. Consequently, it is becoming increasingly important that companies’ online texts are highly varied, use synonyms sensibly, and exploit the full range of available grammar – variance is inextricably linked to the quality of texts.
In e-commerce, for example, the application supports the automation of product descriptions without creating duplicate content and shortens the time to market for new items in online shops. Here is an example of how Retresco NLG software textengine.io automates multi-variant product descriptions for e-commerce.

With the current feature release, Retresco is further expanding its pioneering technological work in the field of AI-based language technologies and taking a decisive step toward end-to-end NLG. The objective of the end-to-end approach is for the NLG system to cover the entire text generation process, from the data on which the generated text is based to the finished text itself.

Over the long term, the goal is a system that can easily be fed data or sample sentences, learn from them, and automatically generate new texts without human intervention.

Retresco’s new feature is setting benchmarks in the development and application of NLG: numerous other releases in the area of end-to-end generation will follow, enabling the machine creation of text with an even higher degree of automation, efficiency, and creativity.


Experience the next level of Natural Language Generation – with creative, automatically generated sentence variants.

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