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HOW TO AI: How intelligent is artificial intelligence?

Not all AIs are the same. Intelligent language assistants are just as much a part of the collective term artificial intelligence as machine translation or face recognition. However, a face recognition system is not able to translate text or to understand and answer questions. So the AIs have one thing in common: they are specialised […]

Artificial intelligence won’t replace us

As artificial intelligence polarises, the media attention around the topic increases. This is indeed very positive, as the public discourse leads to a wider and more even distribution of knowledge. But at the same time, it increases the diversity of interpretations and opinions, often resulting in the circulation of half-truths. As a result, uncertainty and […]

HOW TO AI: Navigating the buzzwords of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing – when the conversation turns to artificial intelligence and the ubiquitous buzzwords begin to fly, non-developers soon switch off. These terms are often used too broadly, synonymously, or simply incorrectly. To shed a little light on this matter, and to help you deal with AI […]

The Road To Chemnitz

Retresco is open about its ethics and corporate values because we believe that no organisation can exist within this world without acknowledging the impact it has. Profit as an end within itself is an outdated philosophy, and in these fraught times, companies should not be afraid to put their ethical heart on their sleeve. On […]

Retresco’s response to PwC’s UK Economic Forecast

Earlier this month, professional services firm PwC released its latest edition of its UK Economic Outlook. Tucked in at the end of the report, there is a chapter on what effect AI and automation are going to have over the next twenty years. There are a number of headline discoveries. Firstly, the overall change is […]

Software robots should be judged by how they enhance their users

Last week, the Financial Times published an article, ‘Businesses turn to software robots for office work’, that outlined how, “Software robots have become one of the hottest fads in business automation, as a new wave of AI is poised to sweep through the back-office functions of large corporations.”. Various numbers are thrown around in the […]