Three Challenges in Digital Commerce – And How Natural Language Generation Can Tackle Them

The term “digital commerce” comprises a range of companies in many different industries. It refers to retail brands with traditional brick-and-mortar stores that are undergoing digital transformation, as well as e-commerce companies with purely digital DNA. Fashion brands looking for direct contact with customers via digital touchpoints, automotive companies hoping to improve their outreach to […]


Digital Commerce: Generate Content Automatically and Manage It Strategically with Natural Language Generation

Digital commerce faces numerous challenges in the area of content management: For one, there is enormous demand for content in various formats, such as product descriptions, advertising copy, and SEO text. Across various channels – on- and offline, on e-commerce platforms, and the like – this content needs to win over target groups as quickly […]

retresco_augmenting creativity

Augmenting creativity with AI: Retresco elevates use of Natural Language Generation to the next level by launching pioneering feature

With the release of the new text variants suggestions feature, Berlin-based AI company Retresco, a pioneer in the area of Natural Language Generation, provides a software function that uses artificial intelligence to automatically produce phrasing suggestions in the form of complete sentences. This function automates the creative writing process and shortens it considerably, and it […]


How much AI is in NLG? And what are GPT models?

The US AI company OpenAI – originally founded as a non-profit organisation – has released several Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) systems (GPT, GPT-2, GPT-3) in the past two years, which have received a lot of media attention and are often described as Natural language generation (NLG) systems. However, GPT systems are very different from the […]

data story with nlg

How enterprises understand the story behind their data with natural language generation

Let us begin with the essential question of why the use of Natural Language Generation (NLG) in the context of big data projects is crucial for the business success of companies in the future. To answer this question, we will take a brief look into the past. Over the last 15 years, decision-makers all around the world concluded that data would […]


Innovation project by MediaMarktSaturn and Retresco honoured as best technology solution in retail

  The EHI Retail Institute honours MediaMarktSaturn and Retresco with several awards for their joint innovation project for the automated creation of product descriptions: While Retresco receives the Top Supplier Retail Award, MediaMarktSaturn wins the prestigious reta award. The award recognises the use of Retresco’s AI-based automation solution, which MediaMarktSaturn has used to automate the […]


Artificial intelligence and copyright: Retresco mentioned in forward-looking EU commission study

The impact of artificial intelligence on copyright and patents – collectively known in English as Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) – has been one of the most exciting topics of the past year 2020 among legal scholars and digital experts. EU institutions are also active in this area. For example, at the end of last year, […]

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Personalisation and efficiency: Content automation with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is ubiquitous. Whether in voice assistants, chatbots, semantic text analyses, streaming services, smart factories or autonomous vehicles: AI already supports private and professional daily life and will significantly change society and the economy. And although more and more people are using artificial intelligence, only a few know what exactly it is. This is […]


Retresco reaches milestone: Groundbreaking natural language generation with AI-based variant suggestions

Automation is considered one of the key issues for making companies viable for the future. The use of artificial intelligence has made rapid progress in this area for some years now, creating cross-sector economies of scale that would have been unthinkable with conventional technologies.   Even more automation in natural language generation with the help […]


AI made in Europe? Five theses for the development of a European AI ecosystem

The EU Commission has presented two important publications: in addition to the European Data Strategy – the first data strategy Europe has ever had – the AI White Paper was presented as a regulatory framework addressing the ethical and societal implications of artificial intelligence. It is no coincidence that both publications are published at the […]