‘How old is Wonder Woman?’: Retresco equips Telekom Smart Speaker with the knowledge of the world

An answer to every question: Retresco is developing an open domain question and answer system as a forward-looking solution on behalf of Deutsche Telekom.   Users’ demands on digital assistance systems as a source of information and knowledge are increasing. More and more often, these speech- or text-based systems therefore come into contact with so-called […]


How automated text generation makes content production in the tourism industry scalable

Due to digitalisation, the tourism industry is experiencing a significant change in its customer demands. Tourist products must be individually tailored and digitally bookable; first-class communication of travel offers and good online service are moving into focus in Tourism 2.0. Intelligent technologies play a major role in meeting new, intangible needs. It’s as if AI-based […]


Semantic technologies: How text creates knowledge

Whether the challenge is to make internal archives user-friendly or to optimally monetise the items of commercial websites: semantic processes are a key technology for the utilisation of content. They enable the extraction of information – also know­n as information retrieval – so that text can be used optimally as raw material for knowledge. Semantic […]

Content automation: Why every publisher needs a TMS

The success stories of the FAZ and DAZ show how it can be done: AI-based automation leads to sustainable gains in visibility. For publishers, top search engine rankings are crucial for online reach and business success. Their digital strategies are increasingly moving away from financing through advertisements and are concentrating on the monetisation of their […]


FAZ.NET: 50 percent more SEO visibility through smart topic management

With a paid circulation of more than 220,000 copies, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung is one of the most important national daily newspapers in Germany. Just like the print edition of the FAZ, its online news portal FAZ.NET has become an integral part of the German media landscape. However, in the course of the far-reaching changes […]


Automated stock market reports for Investor Verlag

The financial portal ‘Investor Verlag’ publishes a total of 33 financial publications, which give its readers a sound basis for successful investment decisions through high-quality information and relevant stock market news. Costs and time pressures are everyday topics in all industries. Working with content is complex, time-consuming and expensive. That’s why Investor Verlag forged, building […]


E-commerce & cross-border sales: Multilingualism in automatic text creation

International E-commerce is growing rapidly: according to current Statista data, the sales volume of the global E-commerce market in 2018 rose by around 25 percent year-on-year to almost 2,982 billion dollars. According to a recent study by consulting firm A.T. Kearney, this enormous growth is due in particular to the market expansion of online retailers […]

Immobilienexposes NLG

1,000 automatically generated real estate exposés per day improve conversion rate

ImmobilienScout24 is one of the best-known and most-visited websites in Germany. The portal was only able to become the market leader among real estate platforms because it always offers its visitors the best user experience. The real estate exposés on the detail pages of the offers are part of a comprehensively optimal user experience. The […]

MediaMarktSaturn Retresco

MediaMarktSaturn automates product descriptions

More than 350,000 articles are permanently available in the online shops of MediaMarkt and Saturn. Such an enormous selection for the customer means one thing first and foremost for the members of the MediaMarktSaturn online team: texts, texts, texts. After all, every product needs a comprehensive product description, which is the only way for customers […]

Automatische Fußballspielberichte

Automatic match reports from all amateur leagues – made possible by Retresco technology

Berlin, 05 June 2019 – The German Football Association e.V. (DFB) presented a development project for comprehensive coverage of amateur football at the beBETA journalism congress. This is made possible by automated text generation – the AI-based technology behind it comes from the company Retresco, located in Berlin. At the digital congress ‘beBETA – journalism […]