What are weather reports?

Whether for agriculture, the way to work or leisure time – people have been interested in the weather every day for thousands of years. Activities and clothing depend on the weather, and the weather depends on the location or area readers are in when they retrieve current weather information. This makes weather reports the ideal application for automatic text generation. It enables the creation of individual weather reports in real time and at the push of a button.

Create personalised weather reports with NLG

Automated text generation (also: natural language generation) works in all areas in which structured data that is to be given meaning with the help of artificial intelligence is available. These raw data are enriched with domain-specific vocabulary and thus converted into natural language texts. In this way, data sets are analysed and interpreted within milliseconds, so that precisely fitting weather reports can be generated for readers. The result: a high and thoroughly consistent level of quality in reporting – from big cities to villages, from the sun to the clouds.

Advantages of automated weather reporting

The automated text generation of weather reports can extend the news offerings of media companies and news portals to different target groups. A further advantage is the fast reaction by a generated message to anomalous or spontaneous events – if real-time data is available, the corresponding message can be created immediately and shared in the corresponding channels.

With automated texts, publishing houses and news organisations reach a target group that they would previously never have been able to serve to this extent. This ultimately increases reach, improves customer loyalty, and therefore helps increase revenue from digital subscriptions.

But the use of natural language generation is not only limited to weather reporting in editorial offices: wherever structured data is generated – for example in reporting for sports, elections, or in the financial world – NLG programs can create reader-friendly texts from data in a matter of seconds. In this way, NLG systems free copywriters and editors from monotonous routine work; the time saved can be invested in more creative or conceptual work.

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