What is JSON?

JSON is an important data format in web development, especially when exchanging data using interface standards such as RESTful API. In comparison to other possibilities for displaying structured data, such as XML, JSON is easy to learn, intuitive to use and efficient in its process.

JSON stands for “JavaScript Object Notation” and was developed on the basis of JavaScript. Important: JSON is not a formal language of its own, but can be used with almost all common programming languages.

In practice, JSON data is being used in ever-increasing contexts. Its application is suitable, for example, in product data feeds such as Google Shopping. Even if an e-commerce shop obtains product data or entire product descriptions from a distributor and imports them into its CMS, JSON data is a popular alternative to CSV or XML. In natural language generation, JSON is the basis for creating texts from structured data.

If data is not available as .json, selected file types can be easily converted. Tools like JSON Editor allow data to be looked at and converted online via the viewer – either from XML or CSV to JSON or vice versa.

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