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Optimise your texts with the Buying Intent Assistant! This intelligent feature automatically adjusts your texts to reflect current search queries. Easily and effectively integrate search trends into your product descriptions and texts. Harness the combined power of your data and search engine trends for maximum success – through automatically generated, high-quality content that converts!

Buying Intent - Trend-Keywords

Identify purchase-relevant search trends

Discover recent questions your customers are asking about your products and identify the search terms related to your products that are trending at the top.

Buying Intent - high-conversion texts

Boost conversion rates

Increase the conversion rate of your product descriptions by incorporating all relevant answers to common search terms in your content, improving customer experience.

Buying Intent - Visibility

Increase visibility

Optimise the structure and information of your product texts to ensure the visibility of your offers through Google AI Overviews – for all relevant search queries.

Buying Intent - Real Time

Adjust texts in real-time

Easily respond to changing trends, latest events such as product launches, and seasonal specials like Black Friday, Christmas, and more.

How the Buying Intent Assistant Works

Step 1: Activate Buying Intent Assistant

The new Buying Intent Assistant is incredibly easy to use: When using the Textmodel Creator, simply set a theme that will be used for querying and activate the corresponding toggle. As a result, the text templates generated will not only incorporate your training data but also include current search queries related to the theme.

Textmodel Creator BIA Cropped - Screenshot

Step 2: Manually adjust search terms

Transparency is essential. Therefore, all the identified trend search terms are displayed before the text templates are generated. Here, you have the option to manually intervene by removing search terms from the list or adding new keywords on your own.

Graphic Text Model Creator - Screenshot

Step 3: Generate text structure

Lean back and relax. Based on the selected terms and your training data, a final text structure is created. By comprehensively covering all current product questions in the automatically generated texts, benefit from increased visibility and better conversion rates.

Textmodel Creator - Screenshot of a selection option

Master All Content Challenges with the Buying Intent Assistant

In reaction to the current developments in e-commerce, we present our innovative approach to content optimisation with the Buying Intent Assistant. The following four use cases are examples of utilising the Buying Intent Assistant for flexible, automated creation and adaptation of content for a large number of texts.


Optimise and update all product detail pages at once

Product Detail Pages are crucial for a successful e-commerce strategy. They provide the final push for potential customers to complete purchases and should clearly and comprehensively present all product information relevant to the purchase. Therefore, your product detail pages should reflect all recent questions around your product, keeping all information – from price to availability – up to date.


Use Google AI Overviews to your advantage

Get ready for Google AI Overviews by automatically integrating the most important search terms of your target audience in product descriptions. With the introduction of AI Overviews, information-rich product detail pages become more important for products to rank high in Google SERPs.


Flexibly adjust your texts and react quickly to current events

With our Content Automation Platform, you can create fully functional text templates in minutes; with the Buying Intent Assistant, you can now uncover and integrate the latest search trends in your text structure. This allows you to easily and quickly adapt your content to current events such as promotions (e.g. Black Friday sales) and seasonality (e.g. winter clearance).


Conduct ongoing A/B tests to optimise toward conversions

By easily creating a new text template, you can analyse trends and adapt texts and product descriptions to real customer questions. Creating A/B tests around specific search terms helps determine which text structure achieves the highest conversion rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of optimising the text structure towards current search trends?

In summary, integrating current search trends into product texts has the following benefits:

  • Increase in search engine visibility
  • Increase in conversions through texts that answer questions important to customers' purchase decision-making
  • Future-proofing visibility under updates such as Google AI Overviews
  • Flexibility and responsiveness to seasonal specials such as Black Friday

There are many applications for using the Buying Intent Assistant. Get in touch to learn more.

Why should I consider the Google AI Overviews update in my e-commerce strategy?

With the help of generative AI, Google AI Overviews will summarise search results at the top of the SERPs. This update comes with challenges such as potential losses of touchpoints with customers in online shops and declines in search engine visibility. However, the update also holds opportunities for e-commerce companies which provide all relevant information for purchase on product detail pages. More information on Google AI Overviews and its impact can be found Google AI Overviews and in our blog.

What impact could Google AI Overviews have on e-commerce companies with a previously successful content strategy?

For e-commerce companies, Google AI Overviews primarily affects the visibility and thus the conversion of individual products. As the assembly of purchase relevant information shifts to the top of the SERPs, touchpoints with the customer in your own shop are reduced. Use our AI Overviews impact calculator to get an initial indication of the potential impact of reduced organic traffic on the revenue and get in touch to learn more.

Which search term is used in querying for trending topics?

The topic used to query current trending search terms is set in the first step of the Textmodel Creator in the field "Define the topic of your text."

Text Model Creator BIA FAQ - Screenshot

How are the search terms that are displayed to me being selected?

Based on the topic or main keyword defined by you in the first step of the Textmodel Creator, we query trending search terms at Google Suggest. Through the buying Intent Assistant, the results are added to the Textmodel Creator to inform the final text structure.

How many keywords and search terms are being displayed?

We limit the display to a maximum of the 20 most common and relevant search terms. This number may vary depending on the number of possible results.

In which languages is the Buying Intent Assistant available?

The Buying Intent Assistant is available in German and English. It adapts to the respective linguistic search patterns. If you need to create text models in other languages, it is possible to first create a text model in German or English and then translate it into all common European and selected Asian languages. Get in touch if you have a specific project in mind.

How are the identified search terms integrated into the generated text?

The search terms and trends are used to create the ideal text structure corresponding to the most recent search or buying intent displayed on Google. This method ensures that your final text template incorporates both your data (e.g. from your PIM system) and recent search trends into its structure. That way, all relevant questions about your products are answered directly in the product descriptions. The Buying Intent Assistant is not a tool that automatically and indiscriminately inserts keywords into your texts, avoiding "keyword spamming," which is penalised by search engines with reductions in visibility.

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