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Put your editorial content creation processes for sports content on a new footing with smart automation – generative AI can help significantly reduce your workload.

Generate customised content before, during and after sporting events by automatically converting your data into reports and enriching it with statistics. Publish regular news and alerts in real time to keep users up to date across all channels – even with a large number of events, data and broadcast channels in multiple languages.

Tap new potential for revenue by positioning high-quality, search-engine-optimised content on your websites and apps for a national and international audience. With more than 120,000 automatically generated sport reports per day, our customers were able to boost their reach by a factor of 20 and achieve a 2,000% increase in website traffic within 6 months.

What are your benefits?

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Expand your editorial bandwidth without investing in personnel. Scale internationally by automating your reporting for all major European languages simply and effectively.

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Design your content automation processes strategically and manage your creation processes centrally. Organise all content adaptations and updates automatically across all languages.

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User Engagement

The latest news on sporting events, tournaments, teams and athletes makes your online presence more attractive for new and existing users and increases the amount of time they spend on your website.

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Marketable Reach

You benefit from significantly increased traffic thanks to top content that incorporates the latest SEO standards. Content that is published early or posted live ranks higher and is easy to market – also in the long-tail of search results.

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Up-to-the-Minute Information

Publishing the latest sporting content, athlete and team profiles has never been so easy. An interface allows you to generate and update all your content automatically in real time – and in all major languages.

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Create a better user experience by gamifying your automated sports content. It’s easy to link your content with fantasy managers, betting odds and online shops in a way that boosts sales.

What are your options in terms of content?

Our products and services are aimed at media companies; news outlets; streaming services; sporting associations; providers of esports, games and betting; and comparable services. In addition to English and German, we also support sports content in all major European languages.

The automated sports content are based on available event and performance data. Depending on your content strategy, you can flexibly define and set parameters for important features such as times, languages, perspectives, cuts and content themes.

Statistics and Categorisation

Up-to-date application of statistical performance data to desired contexts, such as local, seasonal or historical categorisation and assessment of sporting events

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Real Time Reporting

Pre-match reports in real time with automatic updates on selections, squads, injuries and league tables, as well as live news and post-event reports

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Match Reports and Player Profiles

Customised sports contents, athlete and team profiles for improved online visibility and better search engine rankings

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Channel- and User-specific Formats

Wide range of posting and broadcast options, including articles, teasers, social media snippets, text to voice or news for select user groups

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Customised Content Links

Search-engine-optimised linking of automated statistics texts to the latest sporting events, athlete and team profiles

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Do you work in sport marketing?

Then you can benefit from automated sports content in a number of ways:

  • Marketable Long-Tail Content
    Attractive component of current and future sponsoring packages and the option for individual marketing

  • Context-sensitive Advertising
    Automated integration of ads with close links to the content – such as smart integration of betting odds or the integration of relevant advertising partners

Showcase: Automated Sports Coverage 

Data can be easily and effectively converted into content formats such as journalistic football match reports. In this showcase, our content automation platform automatically processes data from the first German Football League into reports with great text variance.

Renowned national and international sport publishers place their trust in our automated sports content:


Automated match reports from the German amateur football leagues


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Automatically generated and enriched Bundesliga player profiles


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In short: if you want to generate and scale sports content, athlete and team profiles automatically, Retresco is second to none – and we can deliver in all major languages.

Frequently asked questions about automated sports content

What are the potential benefits of automated sports content?

Retresco’s products and services are targeted toward automatically generating greater reach and visibility as well as increased website traffic, user engagement and more time spent on your website. Individually customisable text automation based on generative AI can be used to create content portfolios on all relevant league statistics and rankings, records, and tables as well as to generate athlete and team profiles, and all of this information is structured specifically for search engines. For your websites and apps, automatically generated sports content can deliver lasting boosts to performance by using data and statistics to create detailed pre- and post-match reports and live sport news. Generative AI helps you significantly reduce the amount of work and resources you invest in this process.

How scalable is automated sports content?

Automated sport reporting with Retresco allows simple, effective scaling of content production. For example, Retresco’s partner Sportplatz Media generates significantly more than 100,000 automated football match reports for its customers every weekend, covering a range of German amateur leagues. The basis for these reports is structured league, game and team data, which editorial teams, associations and clubs collect every week. Every automatically generated report is fact-based, up-to-date and unique.

Are these automatically generated sports content distinguishable from copy written by humans?

Copy that is automatically produced by generative AI is indistinguishable from copy written by humans. And Retresco meets the highest standards in this regard. For Google and other search engines, high-quality text is crucial. The quality is of a level that offers real added value and meets the users’ need for information. Human writers are at a disadvantage compared to automatically generated reports, merely due to the sheer scope of reporting required for the enormous number of sporting events that take place every day.

Which types of sport are best for automated sports content?

Automated sports content is recommended in all areas involving sport and related news on a broad scale. Structured data is a prerequisite for automated reporting. This raw data is enriched with domain-specific vocabulary and converted into natural-language text, allowing the system to analyse and interpret data sets within milliseconds and generate tailored sports content of consistently high quality.

What types of classifications can be used for automated sports content?

Classifications and qualified statements are made based on the available data. At the same time, the system can make historical, seasonal or regional connections and precisely categorise sporting events. For example, in league play, the system can automatically distinguish between normal matches, top games, and relegation matches. Upon request, the system can also differentiate between multiple different classes for each game (previously postponed match, derby or a match between two teams at risk of relegation, for example), or it can be tailored for each individual class (such as top games, derby or arch rivals).

What sort of automation options are available for athlete and team profiles?

Retresco supports automated, individually customisable descriptions and text about athlete and team profiles in a broad range of sports and contexts – in nearly every major European language. Parameters can be set for profiles, careers, the latest sporting events, individual statistics, wins and more, and these parameters can be automated to create high-quality, relevant and up-to-date long-tail content. In football, data might include comprehensive statistics with appearances, minutes played, goals scored or club history. At the same time, the copy may include the following: appearances, minutes played, bookings, goals per game, or assists per game. Personal triumphs can also be added to enrich and visually enhance these profiles, including: champion, cup winner, promotion, top scorer, hat-trick, bicycle kick, individual season data and highlights from a player’s career.

How does Retresco organise this automated sports reporting?

The Retresco team has extensive technological and computer linguistics expertise. For automated sports content in the desired languages, we add and process primary data such as names, frequency, measured data or other personal characteristics. For football, we use data on players, teams, leagues, league ranking or other factors as an extended data pool. Templates are then used to enrich and diversify the reports and alerts with synonyms and text variants – this can initially be managed by the customer, or the customer can commission the Retresco team to do it. Additionally, lexicalisation algorithms ensure that all copy is grammatically correct for every possible constellation of data.

How does automated sports content put editorial content creation processes on a new strategic basis?

Producing pre- and post-match reports and delivering live reporting on different leagues, sports and regions generally involves major investments of time and personnel. Given the abundance of sporting events and digital broadcast channels, it is nearly impossible for media companies; news outlets; streaming services; providers of esports, games or betting; and comparable providers to deliver consistently high-quality reporting on a regular basis. Automated sports content can be a simple, cost-effective alternative here. SEO-relevant copy that is available in real time significantly reduces the investment required to generate content, as generative AI puts your editorial and structural processes on a new footing. With Retresco’s help, the work of automatically generating sports content for international markets can be handled by just a few content managers.

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