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Multilingual content production

Automated text generation helps your company optimise internal processes and achieve strategic growth objectives – nationally and internationally. Precision and scalability improve both quality and quantity in content production.

Highly personalised communication

Improve your reach with impressive content. Versatile copy allows you to reach new and existing customers across all channels. We can help you personalise your content to meet even the highest standards.  

Optimisation of internal processes

Automation significantly reduces the time and effort required for repetitive tasks in text generation and analysis. Efficient data-to-insights processes facilitate customised, target group-specific reporting. This expertise frees up valuable human resources and time that can be invested more productively.

Case Study

Automatically generated real estate listings for ImmobilienScout24

Using our solution, ImmobilienScout24 generates up to 1,000 property listing texts every day. This real-time service is seamlessly integrated into the real estate platform’s processes and has significantly improved the user experience for property advertisers since it was implemented.

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Automated text generation

Create relevant content for internal and external communication quickly and efficiently. Our content automation platform allows you to generate unique copy that is scalable, flexible, flawless and highly personalised.  

Content in European and Asian languages

Precise targeting of international target groups with automated content: In just a few clicks, our solutions make it possible for you to automatically translate entire text-based projects so that you can efficiently implement any go-to-market strategy.

Strategic content production

Our platform gives you complete control over the creation and curation of all your company’s content across all departments, allowing you to pool your text projects to create a consistent, future-proof content strategy.

Showcase: Automated Sports Coverage 

Data can be easily and effectively converted into content formats such as journalistic football match reports. In this showcase, our content automation platform automatically processes data from the first German Football League into reports with great text variance.

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Our content automation platform

Flexible scalability

With our platform, you can create precise, scalable copy to significantly improve the quality and quantity of your content production.

Intuitive No code interface

We’ve pooled the high-performance functions of our platform into an intuitive UX and a clear interface that’s easy to use and requires no programming expertise.

Tile: Personalised onboarding

We will provide you with fast, comprehensive and customised onboarding. Our support team is here to help, even after your content projects have launched.

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