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Increase conversion

Improve your customer communication and boost your performance and conversion with customised copy for SEO, SEA, Amazon and Google. Automatic text generation allows you to create versatile, SEO-relevant content for a wide range of categories and products, helping you avoid duplicate content and providing your customers with a consistent, memorable brand experience.

Roll out a cross-channel strategy

Automated text generation lets you tailor your content to specific channels and deliver relevant content to your precise target group. This burnishes your brand image and delivers an ideal customer experience.

Expedite internationalisation

Our AI-based text generation technology is a game changer for your internationalisation processes. Automatically create product descriptions and online copy in a range of different languages, tap global markets and ultimately boost your growth over the long term.

Case Study

MediaMarktSaturn automates product descriptions

MediaMarktSaturn has already used our Natural Language Generation solution to create more than 300,000 product descriptions based on 200+ text models for its online shops.

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Case Study

Automated Product Descriptions: International Rollout in Europe and Asia

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Scalable content creation  

Our content automation platform allows you to create highly scalable content automatically, significantly simplifying the time-consuming process of consultation between various stakeholders. At the same time, you are able to produce versatile content – no one product description is like another. And you benefit from top rankings in search engines.  

Multiple languages, minimal effort

Create copy in European and Asian languages automatically. Our platform allows you to efficiently generate highly individual product descriptions for use in global markets, drastically reducing the amount of time and money you need to invest in generating multi-language content.

Automatically generated SEO copy

Create SEO-relevant content for a wide range of channels. With our platform, retailers and D2C brands no longer have to depend on copy from manufacturers; instead, they can create their own product descriptions and category pages quickly, investing minimal resources and achieving highly scalable results. The copy is unique and search engine optimised.  

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AI-powered Text Generation



Screen size

55 inches

Image quality


Smart TV






Performance optimised texts

The cinema experience at home

The frameless LCD TV turns your favourite films into cinema experiences. In the large 55-inch format and UHD 4K picture quality with integrated soundbar, you can see and hear your heroes true to life. And the TV is smart too. Thanks to smart technology, you no longer have to search for the remote control. Let Alexa or Google zap for you.

Multilingual without much effort

Big and smart: the perfect package

Endlich eine Partnersuche, die funktioniert! Sie wollen einen, der groß denkt und in klaren Bildern und Worten kommuniziert? Dann ist dieser LCD TV der richtige! Mit großer 55-Zoll-Bildschirmdiagonale in UHD 4K-Bildqualität und integrierter Soundbar weiß er zu überzeugen. Danke dem rahmenlosen Design sieht er nicht nur gut aus, sondern smart ist er auch - aber mit Alexa flirtet er nur nach Anweisung.

Channel specific content

High-tech TV for your home cinema

This new LCD TV is the latest cinematic heavyweight on the market:

  • Impressive UHD 4K picture quality
  • Large 55-inch screen diagonal
  • Smart TV
  • Integrated soundbar

Showcase: 80% Faster to Content at Scale Thanks to Automated Text Templates

Text models with a predefined content structure and a multitude of automated text variation suggestions enable the effortless creation of scalable, compelling web, product, and SEO texts in no time at all. A fully equipped text model with around 20 text variations can be realised within one working day (7 hours and 15 minutes). After the initial text model setup, the entire content workflow is significantly accelerated through dynamic text templates and building blocks. Thus, the automated generation of up to 100,000 texts within a few minutes is easily possible.

In this showcase, you get a first impression of the possibilities our Content Automation Platform offers in terms of text variation.

Our content automation platform

Strategic content production

Our platform gives you complete control over the creation and curation of all your company’s content – across all departments.

Intuitive No code interface

We’ve pooled the high-performance functions of our platform into an intuitive UX and a clear interface that’s easy to use and requires no programming expertise.

Personalised onboarding

We will provide you with fast, comprehensive, and customised onboarding. Our support team is here to help, even after your content projects have launched.

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