Automated topic management for increased reach

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Improve the customer experience

Hyper-localised reporting and other highly personalised content in the areas of sport, politics, culture, and business make your media presence more attractive to your readers. Identify new target groups and highlight topics in front of and behind the paywall.  

Automate editorial processes

Our NLP solution determines relevant editorial topics, curates special themes and automatically generates logical links between your editorial contents. Use our AI technology to optimise your editorial processes from the ground up. By automatically generating, curating and distributing/broadcasting content, your editorial team can spend more time focusing on the core of their work: journalism.

Boost reach

Automatically generated content and topics allow you to increase your marketable reach and the visibility of your media brands across all channels. At the same time, you can boost your click rate in the long tail of search engine rankings and benefit from more sustainable, broad-based monetisation.  

Case Study

FAZ.NET improves organic reach with automatically curated topic pages

FAZ.NET’s objective is to regularly increase its visibility and market share in organic search engine results. Learn how our topic management system leads to a noticeable improvement in organic reach.

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Scalable content creation

Our content automation platform generates event-based, high-volume, real-time content and automatically distributes it to your editorial system. The AI-generated copy results in above-average reach.

Automated reporting

With our intuitive no-code platform, you can create scalable, top-quality content that can also be hyper-localised or personalised as needed. This allows you to identify and seize on hot topics, highlight new stories, and monetise readers in a targeted way.

Semantic topic management

Our semantic analysis and keyword indexing processes facilitate the automatic optimisation of your content. Automatically connect your editorial content to relevant topic pages and link them to optimise your search engine results. You benefit from improved reach and a long-term paywall strategy as the foundation for your growth.

Showcase: Automated Sports Coverage 

Data can be easily and effectively converted into content formats such as journalistic football match reports. In this showcase, our content automation platform automatically processes data from the first German Football League into reports with great text variance.

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