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We accompany our clients in the successful implementation of Natural Language Generation (NLG) solutions. With the help of NLG, a wide range of language- and text-based business processes can be automated in order to expand demand and customer satisfaction and stimulate growth.

We are more than happy to support you in re-establishing your content processes and making your company's offerings more intelligent. Benefit from the expertise of our specialists in the fields of NLG, Machine Learning, linguistic modelling, data analysis and data transformation, as well as Customer Success Management.


Strategic consulting

  • Business process automation (current and target process analyses, concept, architecture)
  • Data services and data aggregation
  • Go-to-market strategies

Full service

  • Setup and support
  • Development of text models
  • Complete management of projects

International rollouts

  • Top-quality multilingual copy
  • Product and SEO copy in cross-channel applications
  • Holistic success management

Customised solutions

  • Use case analyses and solutions
  • Concept and product development  
  • Operation and maintenance of customer projects

1. Strategic consulting for improved efficiency and revenue

In our strategic consulting process, we work with you to identify, develop and implement ideal applications of Natural Language Generation technology to tackle the challenges your business faces – and you reap the benefits of our many years of cross-industry expertise. We will support you by analysing your status quo, optimising processes and identifying potential revenue sources. In close consultation with your team, we will consolidate data for successful content projects, define rollout strategies and manage complex text projects.

Strategic development of Natural Language Generation

Using content audits to identify potential in a targeted way

Whether you want to relaunch your website or introduce online shops, develop new product copy or SEO concepts, draft a cross-channel strategy, get automated reports or research the latest trends – we’re happy to advise you. Together, we will determine the current status of your content strategy, define objectives, and work step by step to create a plan for achieving your short-term and long-term goals. We are the perfect sparring partner to take you to the next level.

Data as a foundation for successful content projects

Data lays the groundwork for automatic text generation. The scope, structure and uniformity of the relevant data determine the characteristics of the text: The higher the quality of the data, the higher the quality of the content it will generate. We would be happy to analyse, transform, cleanse and expand your databases to create the perfect conditions for successful Natural Language Generation projects.

Go-to-market strategies for your future growth

A reliable go-to-market strategy secures the future growth of your revenue and profits. The entire focus here is on tapping new markets and target groups and developing perfectly tailored website and product copy. We would be happy to contribute our many years of cross-industry experience to your Natural Language Generation projects.

2. Key to success: Full service throughout the entire content lifecycle

We do more than just provide solutions; we also have the extensive experience necessary to manage successful content projects throughout their entire life cycle. We would be happy to support you by providing consulting services, covering everything from the analysis and design of your data and text services to the implementation and distribution of customised content.

We support you from data creation to text generation

Setup, support and go-live from a single source

We are happy to do data checks, make text suggestions and help you plan your rollout. We will refine your data sets and deploy the required content to your systems exactly as desired – even directly to the front end. At the same time, we will handle the data and text modelling in accordance with your guidelines, so that you can automate and distribute highly personalised content.

Customised text models for unique content

We help you identify data for text generation and harness it to create your content. We would be happy to develop the framework for your content production, select the relevant text modules for you and deploy them in a grammatically correct format. The result is highly versatile, target-group specific texts precisely tailored to your source data – and the benefits for you are immense.

Make or buy: an important decision in content production

A lack of expertise or staff combined with a growing need for content can hamper relaunch projects at many companies, quickly leading to bottlenecks that threaten operations. If you’re new to Natural Language Generation, or if you’re temporarily short-staffed in this area, please get in touch with us. We would be happy to provide you with full-service support, or to simply handle certain aspects of your content projects.

3. International rollouts – for easily scalable, sustainable results

Your online presence is growing rapidly, and you’re looking to scale up in multiple new languages? We can provide support for European and Asian languages, and we operate from a broad foundation of experience in implementing multi-language projects. Our cutting-edge automated text generation technology, which we customise for all of your various sales channels, delivers an extensive range of benefits for your business. At the same time, we train your text models to prepare your content processes for the global market.

Implementing multi-language content projects without cutting corners

Customised, top-quality copy

Our consulting and operational support services ensure that your finished content will be of the highest quality. In close consultation with our customers, we create content that is optimised for specific target groups, for the latest SEO standards and for applicable industry requirements. Creating content in this way also allows for a rapid time to market, even if your product range is extensive.

Utilise all types of text multiple times in cross-channel applications

Website copy, product descriptions, SEO text – we can help with all of it, even across international borders. Global rollouts of content projects are never a problem – we update and customise the content for each country. We are also happy to help you use your content for mobile devices and websites multiple times.

Our Customer Success team helps your projects thrive

We work with you to analyse and structure your use cases – and to maximise your output. Our Customer Success team brings all relevant stakeholders together and ensures that everyone takes informed decisions. At the same time, we guarantee that your content projects go live rapidly and that you achieve your defined objectives.

4. Customised solutions – achieve optimum results with our expertise

Every industry, every requirement, every technology – we are here to help you discover and tap the potential of Natural Language Generation. With our support, you can achieve your goals easily and efficiently. From feasibility studies and data transformation to the creation of custom-tailored text models, we contribute our experience from a broad range of successful projects to your individual use cases – so that you can operate even more profitably in future.

Customised technologies – for successful customer projects

Needs-based use case analyses and solutions

We would be happy to analyse the challenges facing your business, and to identify solutions for your specific application scenario. The concepts we create will help you develop successful content projects for the long term. All measures are targeted at boosting your reach and improving your position in the long tail of search engine rankings by utilising customised content to your advantage.

Concept and product development that meets the highest standards

We offer you the benefit of our many years of experience. We will draft individual concepts for your content projects, assess your current technical infrastructure and develop the right software solutions to meet your needs. Our services range from automated media generation and the structuring of data and text to content automation in line with the latest market developments.

Operation and maintenance of customer-specific applications

Operating and regularly updating customised content projects in the field of Natural Language Generation requires resources. We would be happy to handle these tasks for you, provide support for on-premises applications and make sure updates are implemented regularly.

Let's be innovative together! To profit from the immense potential of generative AI such as GPT-4 or ChatGPT in a focused, productive, and swift manner for businesses, we support our clients with their individual requirements and tackle specific business challenges.

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