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Our online tool shows how high-quality product
descriptions are automatically created from data.




Automation enables resource-saving and scalable creation of texts such as product descriptions and category pages. Adaptations can also be implemented easily: descriptions of seasonal products can be changed efficiently and in unlimited numbers or replaced with new, creative texts.



Automatic text generation provides SEO-relevant copy for categories and products if needed in multiple languages. The automatic generation of unique texts avoids duplicate content, while traders no longer have to rely on the use of manufacturer texts.



A consistent, positive customer experience is often a challenge in online retail. With automatic text generation, the tone of content can be adapted to different target groups. Whether factual or emotional, text automation helps to strike the right tone throughout.

Experience natural language generation

Our online tool shows how data turns into high-quality content. Whether a product text, a hotel description or a real estate exposé – the generator creates a unique text at the touch of a button. Just select features and experience the potential of natural language generation. Test out now!


Successfully implemented customer projects show how the automated creation of high-quality copy solves challenges in online retail. Retresco supports eCommerce companies of every size and from every segment: see for yourself in our success stories.

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MediaMarktSaturn uses Retresco technology to create product descriptions for its online shops.


Natural Language Generation is seen as a key to greater efficiency: the ability to express data in the form of natural language and easily understandable text makes NLG the optimal interface between man and machine – and thus a key element in any data-to-insights process. Find out in our white paper what potential NLG holds in store for a wide range of practical fields.


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