Connectors and Integrations for PIM and CM Systems

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Our connectors enable seamless synchronisation of information and text between your systems and our modular content automation platform, Through integration, you can use information stored in PIM or CM systems for targeted content automation. Workflows can be implemented simply and effectively to continuously and efficiently provide high-quality content in various channels, formats and languages. Benefit from optimised workflows and greater efficiency.

Here you'll find out everything about the different types of partners we offer for integrating our solution into your existing content management processes and data systems:

Connection to Product Information Management Systems (PIM)

censhare Connector via our partner savotex

To the censhare Connector

contentserv Logo

Contentserv Connector via our partners Contentserv and SDZeCom

To the Contentserv Connector

eggheads Logo

Eggheads Connector via our partner Eggheads

To the Eggheads Connector

apollon Logo

OMN PIM Connector via our partner apollon

To the OMN PIM Connector

Pimcore Connector via our partner Basilicom

To the Pimcore Connector

Connection to Content Management Systems (CMS) and Editing Systems

atexPolopoly Connector

To atex

.jos Connector

To .jos

Livingdocs Connector

To Livingdocs

Newsfactory-RedFact Connector

To Newsfactory RedFact

Stibo-CUE Connector

To Stibo CUE

Woodwing Studio Connector

To Woodwing Studio

At Retresco, connectors are not directly managed, but always implemented through our partners or customers. If you need more information, we are always available. We are flexible: If you are already working with a provider not listed here, let us know! We'll find the right solution for you.

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