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Noticeably increase reader satisfaction and your SEO relevance with our Topic Management System (TMS).

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Measurably improve SEO relevance

The visibility and reach of your content increases in search engines.

Increase user engagement

Your readers are presented with content specifically designed to interest them, encouraging them to remain on the site to keep reading and browsing for longer.

Automate repetitive processes

The TMS allows you to automate time-consuming, repetitive processes and gives your editors the chance to invest more of their valuable time in good stories.

Strategic content management

The TMS lets you pool your content in customised ways – for different channels, users or target groups, for example.

Case Study

FAZ.NET improves organic reach with automatically curated topic pages

FAZ.NET’s objective is to regularly increase its visibility and market share in organic search engine results. Learn how our topic management system leads to a noticeable improvement in organic reach.

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5 reasons
why your content will perform better with our TMS

Discover hidden potential with semantic enrichment

After a grammatical and statistical analysis of all texts, the TMS reveals hidden connections and opens new opportunities for using your content. Automatic recognition of relevance and related topics turns previously untapped potential into marketable content.

Search engine-optimised and user-oriented topic pages

High-quality topic pages improve the visibility of your content in search engines and direct your users straight to content specifically designed for them. The TMS supports your editorial team in creating and managing topic pages and seamlessly complements your editorial processes in your existing content management systems.

Automatic in-text links for improved SEO relevance

The TMS allows you to do more than just identify valuable content that makes your websites unique. You can also aggregate topic pages and link related content automatically to achieve an ideal position in the long tail of Google and other search engine rankings.

Similar content as dynamic recommendations

Automatic placement of recommendations allows you to create additional SEO-relevant links and significantly expand your monetisation with teasers for related topics or paid content. With this important feature, you can provide users with content relevant to their interests, making your website much more attractive overall.

Personalised content

Discover in real time which content your users find particularly interesting and offer personalised content recommendations – for all users at once, and completely automatically. This increases user engagement, encouraging readers to spend more time on your site and improving their overall satisfaction.

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Strategic consulting

Our strategic consulting is designed to solve your business challenges through the ideal use of Natural Language Generation technology.

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Full & managed service

We are happy to advise you - from the analysis and conception of your data and text services to the implementation and playout of customised content.

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International rollouts

We support European and Asian languages and have a wealth of experience in the realisation of multilingual projects.

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Customised solutions

Every industry, every requirement, every technology - we are happy to support you in accessing and developing the potential of Natural Language Generation.

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