5 Good Reasons Why Your Company Will Benefit from Automatically Generated Product Descriptions

Daniel Niedermayer

Chief Sales Officer, Retresco


Automatically generated product descriptions have a decisive impact on whether a customer makes a purchase or not. According to an eCommerce study conducted by Nielsen Norman Group, 20% of unsuccessful purchases are due to a lack of product information. Online customers become frustrated or annoyed with generic product descriptions and abandon their shopping carts – and they buy from the competition instead. At the same time, incorrect, misleading, or ambiguous product descriptions are responsible for a high rate of product returns.

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Precise product descriptions are a vital factor in customers’ decision to make a purchase, although the impact of product descriptions varies by product category and industry. In many sectors, product descriptions are the most important information underpinning the buying process – and they can help bring it to a successful conclusion. This is why, since the boom in online retail during the COVID-19 crisis at the latest, many companies in digital commerce are faced with the challenge of coming up with unique, targeted online descriptions for a wide range of products on a broad scale. For content teams, the entire focus here is on delivering a multitude of different texts that adapt and refine the product information provided by manufacturers, as well as publishing new or updated information as quickly as possible.

A combination of artificial intelligence and data-driven text models is recommended here; it can automatically generate top-quality product descriptions, with no typos, flawless grammar, incredible variety, and impressive uniqueness (despite ChatGTP, GTP-3 and the like 😉). Time-consuming correction and revision loops are a thing of the past, and the quality of the texts generated always meets the highest standards. In the following, we will present 5 good reasons why your company will benefit from automatically generated product descriptions.

1.     Accelerating time-to-market

With automatically generated product descriptions, online retailers significantly streamline their time-to-market processes. Descriptions for new products can be created and published quickly and effectively, and they are easy to update anytime. They can also reach specific target groups more rapidly and on a more granular level, without time-consuming coordination processes or long wait times for external service providers. The high quality of the copy and the uniqueness of automatically generated product descriptions means that this type of content ranks better in Google and other search engines. At the same time, automatically generated product descriptions drive valuable traffic to a company’s website. Ultimately, these factors result in an improved conversion rate.

2.     Making content processes more efficient

With state-of-the-art automation, companies can organise their automatically generated product descriptions centrally and manage them across sales channels. Streamlining content generation processes results in significantly increased operational efficiency. What’s more, the quality of the automatically generated descriptions will improve, as brand identity guidelines and tonality are taken into account automatically and content updates can be made at any time without much effort. The automatically generated product descriptions can be managed from a central data source (such as a product information management system), which ensures that the company maintains complete control over the content production and lays the foundation for precise, consistent implementation of legal requirements.

3.     Optimising SEO rankings

Search engines reward unique content with a higher ranking – duplicate content, on the other hand, is punished. Lower rankings are given to copy written by manufacturers, product descriptions that companies copy onto their own websites without changing much or anything at all, and product descriptions that are identical across multiple sales channels. Automatically generated product descriptions can help here: once a data-driven text model is set up, it can be used on an unlimited basis, and it can also be flexibly optimised and adapted to new product and market requirements. As a result, the automatically generated product descriptions are always unique and up-to-date. At the same time, these product descriptions ensure lasting improvements in online visibility and reach – to appeal to existing target groups and tap new ones.

4.     Harmonising brand messaging

Automatically generated product descriptions allow for the creation of versatile, high-quality content as part of a flexible process, and they keep it consistent with company-specific brand guidelines. The result is streamlined, efficient content management with effective internal processes. Products and services can be positioned on a wide range of channels and contact points quickly and in a way that promotes interactivity, helping companies to acquire customers and generate revenue with content optimised for conversion. Text automation solutions can automatically generate product descriptions in line with a company’s brand strategy, ensuring that brand messaging remains consistent across the board.

5.     Creating international product descriptions

With cutting-edge technology, it takes just a few clicks to generate product descriptions in any target language automatically. Translation processes – normally time-consuming and requiring significant dedication of personnel – become a thing of the past. And automatically generated product descriptions are easily scalable. The descriptions are generated automatically based on the data provided, taking into account country-specific SEO and compliance standards, as well as grammatical rules and regional language variations in all desired target languages. Local dialects such as Belgian French or Swiss German can also be generated automatically. Global strategies with multi-language product descriptions can be implemented without a problem, allowing companies to tap new markets and opportunities for growth.

Using state-of-the-art text automation gives companies in digital commerce an enormous range of opportunities to drive and accelerate growth in a targeted way. With automatically generated product descriptions, they can post unique information online much more quickly than before – information that will have an important impact on revenue. Avoiding duplicate content also makes individual products much easier to find on Google. Ultimately, digital commerce companies can use automatically generated product descriptions to help avoid situations in which customers cancel their purchases or return goods as a result of faulty or insufficient information.

If you have questions about automatically generated product descriptions or their potential applications, or if you would like further information, our experts would be happy to help. Please feel free to get in touch with us!

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