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Automated Product Description in the Highest Quality and in 3 Languages

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Shoepassion is a leading provider of high-quality shoes for women and men, distinguished by its wide range of shoe models and brands. The provider has the mission to bring the "passion for shoes" to life as a cultivation brand. Through its direct-to-consumer approach, Shoepassion enables an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

The provider places great emphasis on sophisticated and target-group-specific product texts for women and men. Every year, several thousand texts in German, English, and French are required.

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Automatically Create High-Quality Texts

The Challenge

  • Shoepassion required efficient, automated product descriptions

  • The aim was to maintain the quality of manual texts

  • Automated texts should not be distinguishable from human ones

  • Bespoke descriptions were needed for different shoe models

The Solution

  • Shoepassion uses from Retresco for automated text creation

  • Full-service agency Xanevo set up text models for German, English and French

  • Focus on data management to ensure high quality with few products

  • Texts can be generated and adapted more quickly

The Result

  • Shoepassion achieved the quality of manually written texts in the first year

  • A conversion uplift of 17% was achieved

  • The automated copywriting is indistinguishable from human writing

  • Shoepassion was able to increase its online visibility by over 32% in just three months
Photo by Tobias Boerne - shareholder, company spokesman

„The optimal collaboration between Xanevo and Retresco has enabled us to create high-quality, automated product texts that seamlessly fit into our superior offering. The short ime-to-content and the ability to rapidly and efficiently implement seasonal adjustments and expansions are crucial factors for our success and our future competitiveness.“

Tobias Börner

Company Spokesman

Shoepassion Case Study

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