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In collaboration with Retresco, ImmoScout24 developed a solution that generates personalised property brochures from the raw data of providers. The users of ImmoScout24 are making use of the additional free service. The result: significantly fewer interruptions in the creation of property brochures and overall a measurably better conversion rate in the process of account creation.

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„We are very satisfied with the performance of Retresco’s solution. The high degree of automation and the creation of individual description texts in real time helps us a lot. Last but not least, we benefit from a convincing user experience, text quality and a high output.“

Christoph Barniske

Director of Product Development

Text Suggestions for Customised and Consistent Brochures

The Challenge

At ImmoScout24, the exposés on the detail pages of the property offers are part of a comprehensive optimal user experience. Formulating exposés that are tailored and appealing for the target group proved to be a challenge for some providers when creating an ad. ImmoScout24 analysed an above-average dropout rate and therefore defined the task of making use easier for users at this point.

The Solution

Working together with Retresco, ImmoScout24 developed a solution that generates text suggestions for individual property listings from user input data in real-time. When creating the text suggestions, the solution utilises the information provided by the advertiser during the ad creation process. From this data, text suggestions for the property description are generated in real-time, allowing users to then customise them to their liking afterwards.

The Result

The users of ImmoScout24 are accepting the additional free service. The attractiveness and quality of the presentations have significantly increased for the users. There has also been a notable reduction in the discontinuation of creating property exposés. It is also noteworthy that two out of three users take the automatically generated text suggestions unchanged. Overall, a measurably better conversion rate in the account creation process has been demonstrated.

ImmoScout24 Case Study

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