How Good has Text Automation Become? We Put it to the Test!

Photo by Harald Oberhofer

Harald Oberhofer

Head of Marketing, Retresco


How do Google and other search engines rate content generated by text automation processes? Are there differences between copy written by humans and text generated by a machine?

Text automation vs. Google

Up until now, many content, SEO, and marketing managers feared that automatically generated content, such as webpage texts or product descriptions, could be penalised in search engine rankings. Even among experts, the prevalent view was that websites and online shops with content created through text automation would rank lower.

Given the heated discussion surrounding text automation, however, it is important to understand that Google cannot distinguish between copy written by humans and automatically generated text, as long as the text automation process produces high-quality results. Conversely, this also means it makes no difference whether the copy is written by content and SEO managers or generated by an algorithm, because the only important aspect is the quality of the text. The decisive factors here are that the automatically generated copy must be of an adequate level of quality and must offer actual added value; the text also has to provide the information that users need and match the intention of the search.

Hugging Face Output Detector vs. Text Automation

At Retresco, we subjected the latest product descriptions published by one of our customers to a quality check. We used the free output detector demo tool The detector is based on the RoBERTa transformer model and requires a minimum of 50 tokens for a reliable evaluation.

In the following, we will present examples of our results based on evaluations of text published by the leading distributor of workplace products and services, Lyreco (Switzerland). Our tests analysed a range of English-language product descriptions.

Lyreco (Switzerland)

Safety shoe product description (last updated: 6 December 2022):

Safety shoe Safety Jogger Ligero, black, size 45

Lyreco screenshot with black safety shoes and shoe size selection.

Lyreco screenshot for a product description.

Here is the analysis from the Hugging Face Output Detector:

Lyreco screenshot test

241 tokens were evaluated – and the automatically generated text was rated as having an impressive 99.98% probability of being real. Wikipedia text written and edited by humans received the same high rating. This proves that Lyreco’s automatically generated product descriptions are of excellent quality and meet the highest standards.

PanzerGlass screen protector product description (last updated: 6 December 2022):

Screen Protector PanzerGlass, Privacy, iPhone 12 Pro Max

Lyreco screenshot for a tempered glass film.

Lyreco screenshot for a product description.

Here is the analysis from the Hugging Face Output Detector:

Lyreco screenshot test

In this example, we far exceeded the recommended minimum of 50 tokens. The automatically generated product description was rated as highly likely to be real, at 99.97%.

Text Automation: The Bottom Line

Text quality is everything! Verification with the Hugging Face Output Detector proves that product descriptions created using text automation processes cannot be identified as machine-generated, because the quality of the copy meets the highest standards – the text cannot be distinguished from content written by human beings.

Text automation plays a crucial role in the implementation of successful content projects in general, and the creation of unique product descriptions in particular. By using text automation, businesses can efficiently and scalably generate high-quality content. Content workflows allow for the creation of content in a short period of time without compromising on quality – all achieved through text automation in autopilot mode.

With our content automation platform, users can transform data into high-reach content in a wide range of languages and across industries. Not only is the copy grammatically correct; the content is also of exceptional quality. And Google ranks these types of texts correspondingly high.

If you have questions about text automation or Google updates, or if you would like further information, we would be happy to help. Please feel free to get in touch with us – we’ll get back to you straight away!

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