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Faster Time to Market and More Online Visibility Through Text Automation

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The AMPri Trading Company Ltd was founded in 1994 and supplies its partners as a manufacturer and wholesaler with reusable and disposable products from the field of medicine or occupational safety. The range currently includes 700 core products in addition to the main product of disposable gloves, and is sold in over 50 countries.

AMPri faced the challenge of achieving a better customer experience through informative and convincing product descriptions. As the provider had previously only used manufacturer's information, completely new processes for creating such product descriptions had to be implemented. Therefore, the company chose our content automation platform,

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Generate Customised Product Descriptions

The Challenge

  • increased visibility on Google and Co. as well as SEO-relevant texts

  • uniformly structured description texts in the three target languages

  • complexity and specific wording of the 700 products

  • completely new processes for creating product descriptions

The Solution

  • Automatically created detailed and precise product information

  • Five text models tailored to customer-specific requirements

  • Multilingual text models with short-term deadline

  • Self-use and further development by AMPri

The Result

  • extraordinarily fast time-to-market with fewer resources

  • The automated texts are indistinguishable from those produced by humans

  • Increase in online visibility by over 340% in just a few months

  • AMPri records the first top 10 rankings with product detail pages
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„Through collaborating with Retresco, we benefit from structured text generation and efficient content workflows. The implementation of multilingual, high-quality content is remarkably easy and quick. Within a very short time, we have significantly increased the visibility and reach of our website and, not least, raised our data quality to a new level.“

Philip Krüger

Team Lead Marketing and eCommerce

AMPri Case Study

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