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FAZ.NET Improves Organic Reach with Automatically Curated Topic Pages

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The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (F.A.Z.) wanted to automate its digital marketing processes. The aim was to increase the visibility of FAZ.NET in organic search engine results and market share. To do this, it was necessary to first classify the content of the F.A.Z. before any form of automation could take place. The Topic Management System (TMS) from Retresco provided a flexible addition to the technological infrastructure of the F.A.Z. to achieve the project objectives.

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Enhancement of Visibility through Topic Management

The Challenge

  • Identifying emerging issues based on the search requests of defined user groups

  • Making informed decisions about the creation of theme pages

  • Expanding the digital reach to meet the needs of new target audiences

The Solution

  • Classification of the contents of the F.A.Z. into subject areas before automation can occur

  • Implementation of the TMS as a flexible complement to the technological infrastructure of the F.A.Z.

  • Creation of an insights dashboard that provides context and trend analyses

The Result

  • TMS-generated topic pages contribute to 25% of the visibility of on search engines

  • 33% increase in organic reach for topic pages

  • Improved performance for topic pages compared to the general news portal

Topic pages created by TMS are an important asset in our demand-oriented content-infrastructure. They provide readers the information they search for, based on their informational intent, making it for a more intuitive reading experience. This helped expand our digital reach and meet new audience needs.

Ludwig Coenen

Head of Online Marketing

FAZ.NET Case Study

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