Digital commerce: generate content automatically and manage it strategically with natural language generation

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Matthias Fertig

Senior Sales Manager, Retresco


Digital commerce faces numerous challenges in the area of content management: For one, there is enormous demand for content in various formats, such as product descriptions, advertising copy, and SEO text. Across various channels – on- and offline, on e-commerce platforms, and the like – this content needs to win over target groups as quickly as possible. Consequently, it has to meet high standards of quality, search engine optimization, and target group suitability. Content departments can easily become overwhelmed by the quantity and quality of content required.

What’s more, many e-commerce companies do not create, store, edit, manage, or distribute their content centrally – a challenge that often throttles their operational efficiency. Different departments or people within the company create content from the exact same product data, for instance. The quality of the content is negatively impacted, as the brand claims are not consistently distributed (streamlined content), content updates are not stored centrally and, consequently, they cannot be accessed by different stakeholders within the company.

Using Natural Language Generation automation solutions – also known as automatic text generation – helps companies in digital commerce tackle the challenges of content management with confidence. It allows companies to “efficiently create copy for product ranges and ensure that the descriptions are always up to date, and it ultimately contributes to a more consistent customer experience across digital touchpoints,” comments Christian Brandl, Lead Product Owner Product Data at MediaMarktSaturn. Europe’s largest electronics retail chain uses the automation solution from Retresco, which has automatically generated more than 500,000 product

descriptions for the MediaMarkt and Saturn online shops in Germany thus far. You can read further details on this innovative project in our case study.

Using Natural Language Generation offers a wide range of benefits for digital commerce:

Standardize content landscapes and convey consistent brand claims

NLG software automatically creates versatile, high-quality content as part of a flexible process and keeps it consistent with individual brand guidelines. The result is streamlined content management with efficient internal processes.

Use product information effectively

Efficient workflows right from the start – NLG solutions can be seamlessly integrated into existing product information infrastructures, PIM systems, and content processes, without complex connection processes, unnecessary updates to IT, or complicated interface integration.

Reduce time spent by up to 91%

Automated text generation guarantees optimum use of time and human resources and maximizes efficiency, reducing the amount of time required to generate content by up to 91 percent. Thanks to intelligent workflows and automated process steps, even setting up a text project is fast and easy. The user does not need special IT or language skills.

Accelerate time to market

Using NLG software allows new products to be brought to market quickly and directly. E-commerce experts and online retailers who use automated product text generation significantly reduce their time to market: They can immediately produce and publish descriptions for new products and reach target groups more quickly, without complex processes or long waiting times.

Expedite market entry and internationalization

NLG facilitates the automatic translation of entire text projects into the desired target language with just a few clicks, making translation projects – normally time-consuming and requiring significant dedication of personnel – scalable and efficient. Users can effectively expedite their plans for internationalization with multi-lingual content and tap new markets and opportunities for growth.

Improve SEO and visibility

Automatically generated, versatile, unique texts are easy to create regularly and quickly on an as-needed basis. The result is lasting improvements in online visibility and reach to appeal to existing target groups and tap new ones.

Are you interested in learning whether automated text generation is an option for your company? We would be happy to advise you. During a personal consultation, we can discuss individual implementation cases and develop a solution tailored to your needs. Please feel free to contact us.

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