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Chatbots at Commerzbank Make Internal Knowledge Directly Available at Any Time

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Commerzbank is one of the largest banks in Europe, not just in terms of balance sheet total and revenue. In Germany alone, almost 50,000 employees work at the headquarters in Frankfurt and in over 1,000 branches. In a company of this size, organising internal knowledge is fundamentally a special challenge. In the case of Commerzbank, two additional factors formed the framework for comprehensive optimisation of internal communication, alongside the complexity that comes with the size of the company.

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“With the introduction of chatbots, our employees benefit from significantly faster and solution-oriented support. After a successful launch, we are now planning to deploy additional chatbots for frequently asked questions to make our processes even more user-oriented and efficient.”

Ulrich Pöttgens, Head of Digital Transformation Commerzbank

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Natural Language Processing in Action

The Challenge

The finance industry is one of the most heavily regulated sectors. Therefore, it is fundamental for financial institutions to provide employees with uncomplicated access to regulations surrounding internal compliance rules. In the face of new market participants who operate purely in the digital sphere, banks are also under particular pressure to not only digitalise processes, but to completely rethink them.

The Solution

Chatbots can be trained to understand the unique structures and processes of human communication and generate natural language responses that suit the situation. Thanks to their intuitive functionality and scalable availability, they are increasingly taking over dialogues with stakeholders within companies. A chatbot platform enables Commerzbank's specialist departments to create their own chatbots for their specific subject areas - without requiring highly qualified software developers.

The Result

Knowledge transfer and communicative processes were significantly streamlined: A much faster, more precise, and solution-focused support for the staff and a broader, deeper, and better understanding of their needs on the part of management were achieved. Furthermore, employees' roles were redefined or created anew. For instance, a separate chatbot unit was established, which actively designs the setup and maintenance of new dialogue programmes for various departments as an internal contact.

“We were impressed by Retresco‘s professional and customer-centric approach. Throughout all phases of the project, they did an excellent job of taking into account the individual requirements of our case.”

Dirk Meschut, Head of Chatbot-Projects Commerzbank

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Commerzbank Case Study

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