More Efficient Text Automation with New Copy & Paste Function

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Daniel Niedermayer

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For an Expedited Setup and Faster Handling of Text Models

Supply chain bottlenecks, fear of inflation and the changes that arise as a result: all of these factors are also opportunities to work toward more effective organisation of digital commerce in general, and AI-based text automation in particular. Companies need efficient solutions, particularly during challenging periods.

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More than ever before, the goal is to provide information to customers and interested parties through precisely targeted web, SEO, and product copy, and to streamline the processes for generating that copy to the greatest extent possible. Fundamental factors here include data-driven text models that boost productivity and that are fast and easy for teams in content, SEO, and marketing to use.

Data-driven text models are at the heart of our content automation platform, Text models allow companies to automate their language- and text-based business processes across industries and make it possible to create scalable text with highly versatile content in a wide range of languages. With this new technology, customers can create easy-to-read, search-engine-optimised content – in digital commerce, media, sport, and many other areas.

Once initial setup is complete, the text models can generate top-quality copy, and the process can be automated very quickly. Using to set up the text models is pretty easy, and the system can be used in self-service mode, without the need for any programming skills. Content production occurs within fixed parameters and is designed to be simple and flexible to scale.

The newly developed copy & paste function makes text automation with even easier and more efficient. Text variants, templates and messages can be copied from text models and pasted into new ones, so individual text models can now be edited much more quickly and flexibly. Not only does the copying process copy text variants; it also copies and pastes conditions, data slots and synonyms – and not just within a text model, but also across various text models and browser tabs.

The new copy & paste function will be a significant help to companies in the area of digital commerce market and beyond, making it much easier for them to set up and manage complex text projects with content that has to be reused for a range of different projects. In particular, content, SEO, and marketing teams working on large content projects with many different text models will find even easier to use, and the great deal of initial setup work previously required for projects has now been significantly reduced. The goal is to make it possible for users to create a text model efficiently, as well as to ensure good usability. With this new functionality, companies will not only save time in future; they will also save money.

Companies using to automate content generation processes for the first time will receive individual onboarding for our content automation platform, and within just a few days, they will be able to use full-fledged text models – and, consequently, start with their text automation. This also holds true for companies rolling out text automation throughout their entire organisation, or expanding it to subsidiaries and regional offices. Our experts are happy to provide support during the initial onboarding process – for example, they will review the existing data and run through the first few projects hand-in-hand with users.

The next step is doing: formulating sample texts and defining the conditions that will allow an infinite number of texts to be generated automatically. The copy & paste function helps to deliver these sample texts and conditions for various text models quickly and easily and significantly expedites the handling of text automation processes.

The new copy & paste function is now available for all users. If you have questions about copy & paste or about the opportunities offered by fast, easy text automation, we would be happy to help. Please feel free to contact us!

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