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Automatic text generation is just as exciting as it is multi-faceted: a wide variety of possibilities arise, especially with regard to potential areas of application. While the text types that can be created by natural language generation range from descriptive texts (product descriptions, traffic reports, etc.) to reports in the field of business intelligence, etc., the range of possible applications can be even broader. The following overview illustrates the multifaceted potentials that NLG has in store for companies from a wide variety of industries.

Ten industries that benefit from NLG

NLG applications are able to create a context-based, naturally formulated language from structured data. The technology can already be integrated into numerous business processes and applications. The areas of credit processes, contract creation, customer care, reporting and transaction reports, among others, can benefit from efficiency increases in this way. The following compilation should give an overview of the manifold potentials of automatic text generation in different business areas:

  • E-Commerce: NLG is used in numerous online shops to create scalable and efficient product descriptions fully automatically. In this way, SEO-optimised and unique product descriptions are created in a great variety and even in the brand’s own specific tone.
  • Tourism: What product texts achieve in online trade are, for providers of tourist services, contents such as hotel descriptions. In this market with an international focus, one of NLG’s strengths comes to the forefront: the automatic translation of texts to (almost) native-speaker level.
  • Media & Publishing: NLG supports publishers & editors in automating their content creation: Reports from areas where a lot of data is available, such as sports, weather, traffic or stock market reports, can be generated automatically by NLG.
  • Marketplaces: Whether C2C platforms such as Ebay or community marketplaces such as Airbnb – wherever private or commercial advertisers place products and services on a marketplace, automatic text generation facilitates the staging of offers.
  • Energy and telecommunications: To improve customer service, NLG can be used, for example, to make complex invoices easier to explain in writing. But also internally, data on network utilisation or any malfunctions can be automatically written – in this way, employees receive the information in a form that is easier to understand and can therefore intervene more quickly.
  • Healthcare: Exact interpretation of data can be highly relevant in sensitive areas such as the medical sector. It is therefore all the more important that medical reports (diagnoses, doctor’s notes, laboratory results or evaluations of medical devices) are formulated quickly, accurately and in a way that is easily understandable. NLG can automate these processes and in doing so contribute to greater efficiency.
  • Mobility & logistics: NLG can inform travellers or the sender or recipient of a goods delivery with detailed reports in text form in the event of disruptions in the route and travel planning process, thus improving customer service.
  • Financial services, banking & investment: Banks & financial institutions currently use NLG for a wide range of applications, including fund and stock reports, credit ratings, loan applications, financial information, portfolio reports, etc.
  • Insurance: Automatic text generation is used, for example, in the area of automated or semi-automated creation of damage reports, or – in combination with natural language understanding – in the form of chatbots for more efficient customer communication. In addition, NLG can automate the creation of reports, as is the case in many industries where corporate reporting plays a role.
  • Sales, Marketing & Customer Service: NLG software is already strengthening the power of chatbots, which can provide increasingly intuitive answers to sometimes complex customer queries. Another field of application is mail automation in customer service or marketing: personalised emails or sections of text can be automatically written and sent to specific target groups.

Mature NLG software can be offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution to which any CMS can be connected. At the same time, NLG applications are becoming more intuitive, so no programming skills are required to set them up, operate them or benefit from their offerings. Natural language generation thus offers great potential for companies & agencies that want to set up their content production efficiently, scalably and in a way that is future-oriented, but also for companies – for example in the finance or insurance sector – that want to have their reports generated automatically in a wide variety of areas: accounting, product performance, HR, etc. Natural language generation is the ideal solution for companies and agencies that want to set up their content production in an efficient, scalable and thus future-proof manner.

You can also discover a wide range of cross-industry applications of natural language processing, natural language generation and natural language understanding on our case study website. The goal: the development of innovative, efficient and scalable products based on artificial intelligence in order to optimise internal and external communication processes.

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