Retresco and e-Spirit launch Strategic Partnership


Berlin, Germany: Retresco and platform provider e-Spirit are launching their new strategic partnership, following months of development.

Through this partnership, customers of e-Spirit’s new FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform (DXP) will be presented with automatically-generated text. These texts will include product descriptions, promotional text, SEO-relevant descriptions, and job descriptions. They will be produced at scale using only limited human resources. The companies predict that this will greatly improve productivity and time to market.

Alexander Siebert, founder and CEO of Retresco, said, “Our customers are looking increasingly for digital experience solutions that help them reach new economies of scale. AI is quickly becoming a great enabler in this age where digital content is expanding at an unprecedented rate. The strategic partnership between the companies will help e-Spirit customers increase productivity and time to market.”

DXP includes a number of other innovations alongside Retresco’s NLG capabilities. Chief among these are its next generation omnichannel marketing capabilities with advancements in content delivery, Predictive Targeting, and Shoppable Videos. The company predicts that these will help organisations evolve their engage strategies in order to gain an edge in digital experiences. The platform is already in use by some of the world’s largest brands and more than 10,000 websites around the world.

Jörn Bodemann, president of e-Spirit, said, “80% of companies today are struggling to deliver experiences that meet customer expectations, making the need for digital experience technologies more critical. These new capabilities represent a leap forward in the DXP space, as well as for the FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform. Innovation is the cornerstone of e-Spirit’s DNA. We’re committed to giving marketers advanced tools that solve their strategic challenges while simplifying digital complexity for increased time to value and a digital experience edge.”

The platform was officially released at Kutapata, e-Spirit’s annual customer and partner summit, which was held this year in Munich, Germany.

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