Retresco's Hybrid NLG Receives Gold Award at German Stevie Awards for Innovation in Generative AI


Berlin, 23 March 2023 – The leading provider of AI-based content automation Retresco has received the German Stevie Award in Gold for its content automation platform and its offering in the area of large scale content automation. The award was given in the category for new products in artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.

Stevie Awards 2023 GOLD

Text-to-text, ChatGPT, GPT-4 or LaMDA – the generative AI market is evolving at an exceptional pace. As a pioneer in the field of generative AI, Retresco introduces "Large Scale Content Automation" (LSCA), enabling effortless text automation at scale across a multitude of text types, channels, and languages. LSCA empowers companies in digital commerce to enhance the quality, variance, and timeliness of their content, when generating tens or hundreds of thousands of web, SEO, or product texts. Through, Retresco provides an all-inclusive platform designed to strengthen corporate language by harmonising content creation and tonality in line with brand guidelines.

Under the umbrella of customised large scale content automation strategies, Retresco revolutionises the industry by integrating data-driven text generation capabilities with state-of-the-art text-to-text technologies through Hybrid NLG. Users can now harness the creative advantages of text-to-text while enjoying virtually unlimited content scaling, resulting in faster time-to-market and automated content outputs. With, unstructured data, preconfigured text types, and individual prompts can also be effectively utilised for this purpose. Marketing, content, or SEO teams only need to initially define the content framework and desired content workflows.

Johannes Sommer, CEO of Retresco, comments on the award: "In today's rapidly evolving market landscape, latest text-to-text technologies present remarkable opportunities for businesses. We are thrilled to combine our expertise in content scaling with the creative potential of these technologies, delivering exceptional textual quality, variance, and timeliness to our customers. The renown German Stevie Award not only validates our approach but also fuels our motivation to remain at the forefront of generative AI solutions."

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About the German Stevie Awards

The German Stevie Awards are a high-profile business award for the German-speaking European business community. With over 200 distinct categories, the awards recognize achievements ranging from Manager of the Year across 30+ industries to Marketing Campaign of the Year, Product of the Year, and more. An independent jury conducts the evaluations, and the 2023 edition will mark the ninth presentation of the German Stevie Awards.

About Retresco

Retresco enables companies to automatically generate high-quality copy based on data. As a pioneer in AI-based language technologies, the Berlin-based tech company has been developing cross-sector solutions for creating efficient, future-proof business processes since 2008. 

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