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Generative AI impacts every tool,
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Let’s be innovative together! Companies that use data and artificial intelligence can significantly boost their revenue. Autonomic processes lead to greater efficiency, giving companies a clear competitive edge. In order to tap the enormous potential of generative AI such as GPT-4 or ChatGPT in a targeted, productive and rapid way, we take a four-phase approach based on our customers’ requirements and with the aim of tackling their specific business challenges.

"Change before you have to"
Jack Welch, Former CEO von GE

Starting point

AI Coaching Factory

We offer keynotes, company talks, workshops, webinars and hackathons covering AI issues relevant to your company.

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AI Strategy Factory

Developing a joint AI strategy, identifying suitable use cases, defining operating models, metrics for success and a road map.

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AI PoC Factory

Developing and validating your ideas regarding planned AI projects, conducting feasibility studies, and exploring and designing a prototype.

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AI Solution Factory

Designing and developing specific AI applications and products, including a plan for scaling – we make generative AI usable in an enterprise context.

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AI Ops Factory

Designing, implementing, and optimising AI-driven projects and processes as well as a scalable architecture including AI ops and products as a service.

Designing, implementing, and optimising AI-driven projects and processes as well as a scalable architecture including AI ops and products as a service. In our two-pager, you'll learn more about the AI Factories.

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Your one-stop shop for successful customer solutions with generative AI

Generative AI creates entirely new opportunities for business processes, tools and services. At the same time, the competition is only ever a click away – which is why companies should focus on innovation and AI-driven services to improve efficiency.

Artificial intelligence facilitates automated processes and improved customer experiences. But before companies develop their own proprietary AI applications, they should ask themselves: Will it pay off, or is it better to hand the job over to an external specialist? Make or buy?

Retresco is a reliable partner when it comes to successfully implementing artificial intelligence at companies. Not only do we provide the opportunity to automate business processes and digitise company workflows; we also offer support for the development of new, innovative products.

With experienced AI specialists in our team, we have successfully developed and implemented more than 250 natural language processing projects over the last 15 years. Companies benefit from our expertise, giving them an edge over the competition.

Interested? Let's start with an AI workshop where we evaluate your company's needs together.

We are a partner in innovation to renowned companies

With us, you can explore the opportunities and performance offered by generative AI and launch pioneering, innovative projects at your own company. Let's start with a joint AI workshop.

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