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ChatGPT brings disruptive changes in various areas of the digital value chain and demonstrates AI potential. Companies should develop their own strategies to use Generative AI for process optimisation and new business processes, products, and tools to ensure competitiveness and growth. The question arises whether to develop AI projects internally or externally – make or buy?

Over 15 years, Retresco has implemented more than 250 AI projects in various sectors. Our 70-strong expert team in computational linguistics, machine learning, linguistic sciences and software development supports you in automation, digitalisation, and innovation. Interested? Let's start with an AI workshop to determine your needs and potential.

Project kick-off through a tailored workshop

In the initial workshop, we develop a shared understanding. At the same time, we define your AI projects so that all stakeholders share the same expectations:


  • Preliminary discussions
  • Status analysis
  • Collection of ideas


  • Processing, presentation and discussion of relevant topics – including elaboration of basics as well as opportunities and risks of large language models such as ChatGPT or GPT models or similar technologies
  • Detailed ideas, use cases and applications based on your specific business objectives and requirements
  • Sketching and evaluating project ideas
  • KPI definition for the validated project ideas


  • Actionable advice and recommendations for implementation priorities of the identified project ideas incl. workshop documentation
  • Workshop follow-up and presentation of relevant recommendations

The workshop will be conducted remotely or, if desired, on site at your location.

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Customised workshop for AI projects

After having completed the workshop, benefit from our consulting approach AI Factories. Depending on the result of the workshop and the AI maturity of your company or unit, we will accompany you throughout the entire project life cycle – or you will join in at the relevant project phase to effectively utilise the potentials of Generative AI.

Together, we develop proof of concepts and AI-based solutions. At the same time, we take care of the implementation and process integration of new products, applications, and tools. We address your requirements along your AI project life cycle to solve your business challenges and realise new business ideas and offers.

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AI Strategy

Develop a sustainable AI strategy with us by identifying use cases and defining operating models, shaping success metrics, and designing a reliable roadmap.

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AI Proof of Concept

We transform workshop ideas into tangible projects by analysing their validity and feasibility, taking exploratory steps and developing meaningful prototypes.

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AI Solutions

Together, we conceive and build AI applications and products in the workshop, including a scaling plan – thus making Generative AI productively usable at an enterprise level.

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AI Operations

Design and implement scalable AI projects in the workshop with us, focusing on operational aspects. Develop new products and future-proof solutions to generate sustainable revenue streams.

Contact us now to tap into your potential with Generative AI in a workshop – and to initiate new and optimised AI projects!

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