Digital Communication Awards: Retresco recognised for Large Scale Content Automation & Hybrid NLG


Berlin, 29 September 2023 - Retresco, the leading provider of AI-powered content automation, secured a spot among the top 3 in the Digital Communication Awards. Large Scale Content Automation and Hybrid NLG were awarded in the category of "Data-Driven & Automated Communications".

With Large Scale Content Automation, Retresco offers a seamlessly scalable strategy for text automation. This approach allows for the creation of a wide variety of texts in all common languages with the highest quality, variance, and efficiency. The content is generated flawlessly and legally secure, even with large volumes of text. Thanks to "Human-in-the-Loop", marketing, content or SEO teams can intervene and adjust text automation at any time.

Hybrid NLG, on the other hand, combines the creative advantages of GPT models with the technical capabilities of a demand-based text automation. Initially, various content workflows can be set up automatically in order to provide content in all desired formats, channels, and languages during ongoing operations. The combination of structured and unstructured data can thus significantly accelerate time-to-market.

Since 2008, Retresco has been a pioneer in AI-powered language technologies. The Berlin-based company develops effective solutions for text-based business processes. The 70-strong team enables the easy and scalable production of web, product, and SEO texts with the content automation platform At the same time, customer-specific AI applications as well as a search engine optimised management of topics and classifications are offered.

The Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin launched the Digital Communication Awards in 2011 to honour outstanding online projects and campaigns. An expert jury of practitioners and scientists assesses the award applications:

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About Retresco

Retresco enables companies to automatically generate high-quality copy based on data. As a pioneer in AI-based language technologies, the Berlin-based tech company has been developing cross-sector solutions for creating efficient, future-proof business processes since 2008.  

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