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Type of shoe









Blue and white



Optimised for performance

On the go in style and comfort

Ready to head out into the world, but don’t want to sacrifice comfort? With this sneaker, that won’t be a problem. The cushioned midsole absorbs the impact of uneven surfaces, so you won’t feel a thing. The textile material is soft to the touch, and the convenient lacing sits comfortably across the top of the foot. The sportive design in stylish blue and white guarantees that you will look and feel your best.


Aktualisieren Sie Ihre Schuhkollektion

Ihr Schuhschrank braucht ein modisches Upgrade? Dann ist dies dein Sneaker. Die gepolsterte Zwischensohle schützt vor Stößen. Perfekten Tragekomfort garantiert das hautsympathische Material mit Schnürsenkeln. Die kontrastierenden Farben Blau und Weiß des sportlichen Designs sind das Highlight für jedes Outfit.


This sneaker is ready to rock!

  • The base: cushioned!
  • Pinching on top? No way!
  • The look: sporty in stylish blue and white.
  • Soft textile material and convenient lacing make it super-comfortable to wear.

Efficient Text Generation

Effortlessly create multilingual and SEO-relevant content for all channels. With our hybrid solution, you benefit of large language models and data-driven text automation.

Large Scale Content Automation

Transform your content creation processes for a faster time-to-market, generating tens or hundreds of thousands of accurate, grammatically correct, and legally compliant texts.

Individual AI Projects

Use Generative AI for your business. Together, we will implement innovative projects for digitalisation and automation of your processes and offerings.

Digital Commerce

Renowned retailers and manufacturers such as MediaMarktSaturn and Lyreco Switzerland use our automation platform to create SEO-relevant, multi-language product descriptions and advertising copy for their digital channels. Learn how your company can also use AI-based text automation to improve customer targeting and boost your conversion rate.

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We are a multi-award-winning market leader in automated work with editorial content. Renowned media companies such as RP ONLINE and FAZ.NET successfully use our solutions to identify topics and to produce, curate and distribute content automatically. With easily scalable text generation processes and automatic generation of special themes and links, you can boost your reach, optimise internal processes in your newsroom and improve your attractiveness to readers and new target groups.

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Cross Industry

Commerzbank and ImmobilienScout are leading the way: They are optimising their internal and external business processes and increasing their operational efficiency with our AI-based text generation technology. Learn how your company can also use our Cross Industry solutions in the field of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automate certain core business jobs in the creation of analysis of text, helping you achieve your strategic growth objectives in the process.

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What our customers say

"The use of AI technology helps us to make reporting fast, accurate and efficient. With the help of, we cover routine content like traffic news in an automated way and create editorial capacity at the same time."

Clemens Boisserée
Rheinische Post / RP ONLINE

"Automated match reports make it possible for active players and supporters of the approximately 25,000 amateur clubs to experience their favourite sport across the board. With automatic text generation, the development project gives grassroots sport more public visibility."

Marcel Hager
Sportplatz Media

"Customers receive detailed information about the products and at the same time a classification, which gives them orientation when buying. In addition, our products have increased relevance for search engines due to the product descriptions."

Franziska Knabel
MediaMarktSaturn Deutschland

"Automatic text generation is an important component of Lyreco Switzerland AG's digitalisation strategy. Retresco's solution makes us more independent and flexible in the creation of individual, multilingual product descriptions."

Angelina Lenk
Lyreco Switzerland AG


Hybrid NLG:
Create content faster with integrated GPT-assistance

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Our content automation platform

Content creation in real time

An infinite amount of content can be generated in real time based on data.

Multiple languages, minimal effort

Create copy in European and Asian languages automatically

No Code
and an intuitive UX

Easy to use thanks to intuitive UX and user-friendly interface – no programming necessary.

Our professional services

Strategic consulting

Our strategic consulting is designed to solve your business challenges through the ideal use of Natural Language Generation technology.

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Full & managed service

We are happy to advise you - from the analysis and conception of your data and text services to the implementation and playout of customised content.

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International rollouts

We support European and Asian languages and have a wealth of experience in the realisation of multilingual projects.

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Customised solutions

Every industry, every requirement, every technology - we are happy to support you in accessing and developing the potential of Natural Language Generation.

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In cooperation with our impressive network of agency and technology partners, we can tackle an enormous range of challenges in the field of content automation.


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