Personalised Text Creation for Greater Visibility in Google Search: Retresco launches Buying Intent Assistant

Berlin, 23 November 2023 – The leading provider for AI-powered content automation, Retresco, has announced the availability of its new Buying Intent Assistant. This new feature allows marketing, content, and SEO teams in eCommerce to automatically generate texts that are tailored to individual customer buying intentions. It enables the creation of personalised product detail pages (PDPs), FAQs, How-Tos, and similar formats to increase visibility in search engines. Text production can be scaled easily and provided in various languages.

The Buying Intent Assistant generates automated text suggestions, taking into account the most frequent Google search queries and keywords for particular topics and product categories. Here are the benefits of the new feature at a glance:

  • Transparency of the most frequently searched keywords and search queries
  • Continuous optimisation of themes and product texts for relevant search trends
  • mproved discoverability of trending topics and product descriptions on Google
  • Optimal positioning and higher rankings of text formats in Google's SGE search fields
  • Rapid adaptation of numerous texts to current trending topics and offers
  • Consideration of current and seasonal events as well as special days (e.g., Black Friday or Valentine's Day)

The newly introduced assistant offers marketing, content, and SEO teams significant added value, optimising the customer experience sustainably by providing informed answers to commonly asked product details in the respective contents. By customising product detail pages based on trending search terms and integrating relevant FAQs, businesses increase the visibility of their offers on Google and provide pinpoint accurate information for their customers.

Given the imminent roll-out of Google's new AI search, SGE, in the UK and the EU, this feature will prove valuable. The Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) aims to make future searches more user-centred and personal. This update could lead to a drop in companies' current search rankings, as the retrieval of information is shifted to the search engine surface. Using the Buying Intent Assistant, these challenges are addressed directly. As Google SGE will increase the importance of product detail pages, businesses have the opportunity with the new feature to tailor even large quantities of product detail pages to individual user searches. By incorporating the Buying Intent Assistant's ability to answer frequently asked questions directly on product detail pages, product descriptions are more likely to be surfaced in Google's AI-powered search fields.

Johannes Sommer, CEO of Retresco, comments on the release of the new feature: "Google SGE poses challenges for both B2B and B2C companies. With the Buying Intent Assistant, we offer a suitable solution for businesses to be found and optimise their content for conversion – and at scale. This feature empowers businesses to design product detail pages that are both optimised for search engines and tailored to individual customer needs. Additionally, we facilitate simple and automated content updates, even with rapidly changing trend topics and offers."

Customers of the content automation platform can conveniently use the Buying Intent Assistant at the push of a button. Once activated, the assistant initiates a search query to identify and display the most frequently searched keywords. Subsequently, users select the relevant keywords for them, which are automatically integrated into the content. Text creation is effortlessly scalable and adaptable to diverse needs, supporting all common European and selected Asian languages.

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