Hybrid NLG: Retresco Launches GPT-3 Assistance


Faster Time to Market thanks to Simplified Content Creation with Integrated End-to-End Text Generation

Berlin, 28 September 2022 – The leading provider of AI-based content automation Retresco now offers Hybrid NLG (‘Hybrid Natural Language Generation’), which seamlessly combines its data-based language model with end-to-end text generation based on the large language model GPT-3 (‘Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3’). Benefits for customers include a faster time to market – thanks to simple, versatile text generation processes – and incredibly easy content automation for a wide range of text types, target groups and channels for website, category, and product copy.

With the new GPT-3 assistance, Retresco is using Hybrid NLG to set new benchmarks in the application of Natural Language Generation technology. Teams in content, SEO and marketing at medium-sized companies and large corporations can use the system to create content along the entire digital value chain even more quickly. This innovative technology from Retresco is aimed at companies in digital commerce, media and similar industries who need a centralised solution for all content creation and automation processes.

GPT-3 is currently one of the most powerful large language models in the field of end-to-end text generation; it draws on the information and world knowledge available on the internet. By integrating end-to-end text generation, Retresco’s NLG technology handles the entire content generation process. Users only need to enter a few prompts into the assistance system to generate text. Using artificial intelligence, the technology learns and interprets information and automatically delivers appropriate phrasings and copy.

Hybrid NLG taps the full potential of the content automation platform textengine.io. The automatically generated copy generated by the self-service Retresco solution is based on data-driven text models that are initially set up by a human operator. The content created is grammatically correct and verifiably flawless. Customers benefit from reliable, legally compliant information in all major European languages.

Hybrid NLG stands out in a number of respects:

  • Faster time to market: Reduce time to market with a greater range of automation options for creating text models
  • More types of text: Automatically create content for a variety of text types and a wide range of channels
  • Integrated world knowledge and automatic style: Use the integrated world knowledge and different styles of communication without the need for time-consuming data modelling
  • Unique content for SEO and omni-channel usage: Automated text variant suggestions are even more creative and versatile, and can be optimised according to specific SEO targets
  • Multi-language content projects: Better, faster, and more comprehensive solutions for multi-language text projects
  • Legally compliant, flawless usage of NLG: A broader range of options to intervene in the content generation parameters for consistent, correct copy guarantees that the results are legally compliant

Alexander Siebert, Founder and Managing Director of Retresco, comments on Hybrid NLG: ‘We are currently seeing dynamic developments in the field of end-to-end text generation. With the integration of GPT-3 into our content automation platform, our customers can now generate sample texts based on less input than was required previously. This significantly accelerates the process of setting up and using text models, as the time-consuming research and phrasing of information is no longer necessary. At the same time, data-driven content production on our platform is becoming even more customisable and user-friendly, and we also provide automated support for additional content and SEO tags as well as category copy.’

Johannes Sommer, Managing Director of Retresco, adds: ‘Our hybrid approach makes the implementation of complex content projects simpler and more effective. This holds true for international projects, in particular, as we support all major European languages. The seamless integration of GPT-3 into our platform means our customers benefit from cutting-edge text generation capabilities combined with versatile content that meets even the highest standards. Our innovative system allows users to implement projects themselves in a minimum of time. Moreover, it facilitates efficient creation processes for flawless, search-engine-optimised copy in omni-channel applications.’

Hybrid NLG combines text variant suggestions generated by GPT-3 with textengine.io’s data-based text models. The major advantage is that all relevant text models for automatic text generation can be set up much more quickly and easily, and the system also supports a broad spectrum of text types. Additionally, the content can be configured even more precisely.

On the whole, Hybrid NLG offers companies new strategic opportunities for content generation. In future, they will only need one NLG solution for a range of different use cases that require fast, high-quality text generation. Natural Language Generation will become the focus of all text-based business processes – making it a valuable strategic tool for the entire digital value chain.

You can find further information about Hybrid NLG here: https://www.retresco.com/hybrid-nlg-gpt-content-automation

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