Press Rewrite: Retresco Launches Efficiency Booster for Optimised Content Workflows in National, Local and Specialist Editorial Offices


Berlin, 18 March 2024 – Leading AI specialist Retresco presents Rewrite, a new solution for simple and automated text rewriting. Rewrite relieves the burden on editorial teams and content teams and significantly increases their efficiency and speed of response. Rewrite can be used as a standalone solution or in combination with other functionalities of Retresco's modular media offering.

With Rewrite, national, local and specialised editorial offices receive an efficiency booster for their content workflows. In addition to the standardisation of style and wording, they gain access to comprehensive prompt libraries, which are regularly updated and further developed by Retresco, whereby the entire prompt management can be organised and centralised across editorial departments. Texts can be reformulated in real time and for a wide range of target groups and channels. The Retresco solution can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows and editorial systems using a standard API.

Rewrite only requires a source text such as a press release, court or agency report, police report, travel information or a report in order to convert it into a journalistic article.

The advantages of Rewrite at a glance:

  • Efficient content workflows: Automation of repetitive processes and cross-team optimisation of textual outputs - e.g. by standardising style or automated enrichment of SEO keywords.

  • Optimised prompts for convincing texts: Access to comprehensive prompt libraries that are continuously updated and developed by Retresco experts.

  • Structured prompt management for editorial teams: Centrally organised prompts to ensure consistently high text quality and uniform content structures.

Johannes Sommer, CEO of Retresco, comments on the new solution: "With Rewrite, we are expanding our modular media offering for the automation of editorial processes. In addition to automatically tagging and linking content, curating topic pages and generating SEO titles and teasers, we are now providing a solution that enables every editor to convert content from various sources into editorial articles. Our aim is to enable media companies to utilise generative AI in a meaningful, secure and company-wide way.  The initial response from selected media partners to the rewrite solution has been very positive."

In addition to optimising content for specific channels and target groups, the Retresco solution is designed to remove marketing jargon, replace technical terms with simple language and summarise source texts concisely. International language support is also provided to translate the source texts.

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The AI specialist Retresco enables companies to automatically create high-quality texts based on data. As a pioneer in the field of AI-based language technologies, the Berlin-based tech company has been developing cross-industry solutions for the efficient and sustainable design of business processes since 2008.

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