Texting, without Texting: Content Creation on Autopilot


Accelerated Time-to-Content through Fully Automated Creation of Text Templates, Creation Rules, and Text Variations

Berlin, 17 October 2023 - The leading provider of AI-based content automation, Retresco, now offers a completely new approach to content creation, automating and generating multilingual marketing, SEO and product content without needing a single text to be manually created. This enables marketing, content and SEO teams in digital commerce, the media sector, and related industries to automatically and "at scale" create a wide range of text genres and variations-rich content. Through this Retresco-innovation, text templates, creation rules, and text variations can be structured and integrated into regular operations in autopilot mode.

This innovative approach aims to organise and simplify content creation, swiftly scalable without needing initial thought towards text construction. Texts deemed good need to simply be confirmed by users to use them for regular text production. Necessary text components are assigned logical rules by the content automation platform,, to automatically generate meaningful text variations. Users can, therefore, define customised text templates for various products and topics with just a few clicks and set the number of required content blocks for the desired text structure.

Retresco's innovation distinguishes itself in several ways:

  • Accelerated Time-to-Content: Complete text templates with diverse text variations can be GPT-based and created with a few clicks in various languages.

  • No "Blank Page Syndrome": Users can generate productive text templates with structural suggestions without the need for initial text construction considerations.

  • Integrated Brand Safety: Text statements are generated up to a point that complies with internal guidelines on compliance and corporate language.

  • Legally secure: Rule-based processes and human intervention possibilities mean AI-generated text suggestions do not contain distortions or misinformation ("Human-in-the-Loop").

  • Conversion-driven texts: These are channel-specific and optimised texts, updatable with changing data and developments, for optimal online visibility, alignment with individual search intentions and increased customer trust.

With this innovation, Retresco sets a new milestone in the automated generation of high-quality marketing, SEO and product content for content at scale for the highest demands. Via, large amounts of highly personalised information can be generated including:

  • product descriptions
  • hyper-local and multilingual content
  • meta titles and keywords for SEO pages
  • customised texts for newsletters, social media, ads, among others
  • Automated reports and records

This new type of content is aimed at B2C or B2B focused companies that need to quickly and easily generate and publish several tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of texts. By automating the transfer of AI-generated content into fixed text templates, unique information can be generated on a broad scale that is legally and factually secure, leaves no quality and linguistic wishes open, and is highly varied to rank high on Google and Co.

Johannes Sommer, CEO of Retresco, comments: "Now we are taking the next logical step for our customers. Texting has never been this easy and automated, even for tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of marketing, SEO, and product texts. Our innovation provides businesses with an intuitive, time-saving path to scalable content generation. We focus on accelerating the Time-to-Content while ensuring brand safety and user control. Now, more than ever, no expertise is required for successful content at scale."

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Retresco enables companies to automatically generate high-quality copy based on data. As a pioneer in AI-based language technologies, the Berlin-based tech company has been developing cross-sector solutions for creating efficient, future-proof business processes since 2008.  

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