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Retresco expands its portfolio of languages

Berlin, 6 July 2022Retresco, the leading provider of AI-based content experiences, is expanding the range of languages available for automated text generation on its self-service platform In addition to German, English, French, Italian and Dutch, it will now support Spanish, Portuguese, most Northern and Eastern European languages such as Danish and Polish, and many more. These services are aimed at e-commerce providers, retailers and industrial companies in Europe and beyond who want to offer their products internationally, scale up their product range or create a new foundation of content for their product portfolio.

With its multi-language text generation technology, the Berlin-based tech company has laid the ideal groundwork to allow companies in digital commerce to present their products to the international market easily and effectively. Today, 27% of all online sales are already generated across borders within the EU – sales with a total volume of more than 171 billion euros (Cross-Border Commerce Europe). Given the abundance of copy for websites, products and SEO in the various target languages, implementing an international go-to-market strategy is often a major challenge.

Alexander Siebert, Founder and CEO of Retresco, comments: “With the expansion of our language portfolio, we will now be supporting all major European languages. We also offer extensive expertise in implementing multi-language customer projects, facilitating the production of customised, versatile copy of the highest quality. The content is generated automatically based on the data provided, taking into account country-specific SEO and compliance standards, as well as grammatical rules and regional language variations in all desired target languages. Additionally, we support regional dialects such as Swiss German or Belgian French.”

Johannes Sommer, CEO of Retresco, adds: “In digital commerce, multi-language text generation is essential for gaining access to international markets simply and effectively, as well as operating successfully in those markets. Not only do companies benefit from consistently high-quality copy in all target languages; they can also implement multi-language content projects in no time while minimising their outlay for a wide range of different target languages. We help companies lay an ideal foundation for their go-to-market strategy when it comes to localising and sustainably scaling their product descriptions and SEO copy.” automatically generates multi-language copy based on structured data. Customers benefit from top-quality content with practically endless variations, allowing them to scale their product copy across languages and make it easy to find. The multi-language content is based on automatically translated text models – significantly reducing the go-to-market time of international online shops and marketplaces. At the same time, the technology helps to streamline the process of preparing the copy across the entire digital value chain for all target languages.

With the company’s self-service approach, all the user needs to do is upload the structured data to The system will then process and lexicalise the data. The language-specific text models are generated simultaneously; the data points defined at the beginning of the process remain in place. This means that the initial text models can be used for each target language without the need for additional modifications. The resulting copy cannot be distinguished from manually generated content – and that also holds true for Google and other comparable search engines.

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Retresco enables companies to automatically generate high-quality copy based on data. As a pioneer in AI-based language technologies, the Berlin-based tech company has been developing cross-sector solutions for creating efficient, future-proof business processes since 2008.

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