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Rapid expansion into international markets, a broader portfolio, scaling and increased efficiency.

With website, product and SEO copy in all major European and selected Asian languages, you can lay the foundation for successful e-commerce beyond your country’s borders.

If you are expanding your business internationally or entering the European or Asian market, we would be happy to support you in a wealth of common languages by providing automatically generated text of the highest quality.


Achieve consistently high text quality across all languages

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Implement multi-language e-commerce projects in minimal time

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Keep costs to a minimum for a wide range of languages

We support all major European and selected Asian languages and have extensive expertise in implementing multi-language customer projects – facilitating the production of customised, versatile copy of the highest quality.

The content is generated automatically based on the data provided, taking into account country-specific SEO and compliance standards, as well as grammatical rules and regional language variations and text variant suggestions in all desired target languages.

Our multi-language text generation services are aimed at providers in Europe and beyond who want to offer their products internationally, scale up their product range or create a new foundation of content for their product portfolio.

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We also support a plethora of other European languages, such as Finnish, Croatian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Swedish, Czech, Hungarian and many more.

Regional dialects such as Swiss German or Spanish and Portuguese for South American markets are also supported. For more online visibility through unique content, automatically generated text variant suggestions are also offered.

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Automated Product Descriptions: International Rollout in Europe and Asia

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International go-to-market strategy from a single source

Maximum output in the target European and Asian languages – with minimal outlay of resources.

Automatically generated website, product and SEO copy

Versatile content even for large volumes of product descriptions, categories, SEO copy, etc.

Customised content for your cross-channel

Channel- and target-group-specific content generation for all relevant languages

Discover how our content automation platform helps you
implement international language projects simply and effectively.

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Frequently asked questions about multi-language text generation

Why international digital commerce?

Tapping new global markets is the next logical step for any business. E-commerce providers and marketplaces – as well as suppliers and manufacturers of brands – have been experiencing an unprecedented online boom in recent years. Growing numbers of companies are opting for cross-border e-commerce solutions or selling their products and services globally as part of their digital transformation strategy. At the same time, providers from the USA and Asia are increasingly targeting the European market, as marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Zalando offer first-rate business opportunities across Europe.

B2C, B2B or D2C – no matter the business model, successful go-to-market strategies don’t need to be expensive. There are enormous opportunities for businesses to present their products to a wider audience, to tap new sales markets and to generate greater revenue as a result. Throughout Europe, a diverse range of different providers compete in this marketplace to achieve the best, most personalised placement of their products and services across channels. Established players and corporations are working on streamlining their structures and content processes and organising them in a more effective way. Online shops and e-commerce providers, on the other hand, generally already have extensive expertise in managing the digital value chain and offering products and services online, but they need to be able to quickly and easily generate content in a range of languages in order to operate internationally.

How does multi-language text generation help in digital commerce?

Multi-language text generation is the silver bullet for international go-to-market strategies – and it delivers easily scalable, sustainable results. Website, product and SEO copy can be generated automatically in a broad range of different languages – the quality is indistinguishable from content created manually and does not run the risk of being penalised by Google and other search engines. Thanks to AI and full automation, time-consuming coordination between content teams, agencies, translators and other stakeholders is no longer required during the text generation process.

How does multi-language text generation work?

It’s easy to explain how automatic text generation into multiple languages works; in-depth technical expertise isn’t necessary. Structured data is the most important prerequisite for creating automatically generated copy.

In simple terms, structured data is information formatted in a table. If we use weather reports as an example, this data might include information about the temperature, barometric pressure or chance of precipitation in a given location. For the stock market, it could include figures regarding an increase or decrease in an index or fluctuations in the price; for product descriptions, it might include characteristics of the product such as the colour, size or weight. Human readers generally prefer properly worded copy to columns of pure numbers, as the flow of copy is much easier to read.

To improve the user experience, special software is used to translate the data into text – and it delivers copy in multiple languages quickly and easily. A program then inserts the information into the corresponding sections of an intelligent text template.

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What sort of multi-language text generation solutions does Retresco offer?

Our content automation platform helps companies across many industries transform their structured data into high-reach copy in the blink of an eye. This AI-based platform provides them with 360-degree support for efficient content generation processes, including features for unique creative output, linguistic analysis and automatic translation into all relevant European and selected Asian languages.

For companies in digital commerce that need multi-language product descriptions or website/SEO copy, our technology offers particular benefits: with automatic translation into all major European languages, companies can supply new target markets with fresh, high-reach content in no time.

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How is unique content created in multi-lingual text generation?

Unique content is a key factor for the success of multi-lingual text projects, as it enables higher online visibility and differentiation from the competition. The content automation platform supports the generation of unique content by creating a wide range of different text variant suggestions. These are based on an AI-powered assistance that offers several unique alternatives for each desired wording without changing the original statements.

The use of the AI-powered assistance ensures consistently high quality for multi-lingual projects and reduces the initial effort for such projects to a minimum. In addition to common languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese, also supports Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Polish, Czech, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian, Serbian (Latin) as well as regional text variant suggestions such as Swiss German, Swiss French and Swiss Italian. We also offer selected Asian languages such as Chinese, Korean and Thai.

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What other services does Retresco offer for companies in digital commerce?

We support our customers in the process of successfully implementing Natural Language Generation solutions with the goal of boosting demand and customer satisfaction – and driving growth. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a technology being developed at the crossroads of linguistics, computer science and artificial intelligence. Natural Language Generation (NLG) is a particularly important branch of this industry. NLG can be used to automate a wide range of language- and text-based business processes.

We support companies across many different industries in restructuring their content processes and making their websites and services just that little bit smarter. Our customers reap the benefits of our experts’ extensive know-how in the areas of NLG, machine learning, linguistic modelling, data analysis, data transformation and customer success management.

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