Generative AI: Retresco Expands Management Team Focusing on AI-based Strategies and Offers for Businesses


Berlin, 11 October 2023 – The leading provider of AI-based content automation, Retresco, has set up a new management team for generative AI. Along with the CEO Johannes Sommer, the team comprises experts with multidisciplinary backgrounds and is set to consolidate strategies and offerings in the field of artificial intelligence for customers, and to drive innovation.

Long-standing employee, Dr. Anastasia Linnik takes on the role of Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO) overseeing strategic AI topics. As CAIO, she plays a pivotal role in developing and implementing marketable AI strategies, helping customers enhance their competitiveness via new business models, tools and services. Former Director of Business Development Daniel Niedermayer will henceforward act as Chief Sales Officer (CSO) responsible for marketing the SaaS solutions and AI project offerings from Retresco. The new management team is completed by Markus Baeuerle, who as Chief Operating Officer (COO) has previously led the project work of Retresco.

The expansion of the Retresco management team follows Alexander Siebert, the founder and Co-CEO, leaving the company for family considerations on 30th September 2023.

Retresco's offerings are focused on generative AI, to successfully automate and digitalise client-side applications and processes. The new management team will focus on the following areas:

  • AI projects: Retresco supports businesses across sectors in the development and implementation of AI strategies. In this, businesses are supported throughout the entire AI project lifecycle. With its 70-strong expert team, Retresco has realised more than 250 AI projects in the past 15 years – including for Commerzbank, Westermann, ImmoScout24 and
  • AI-based content automation: With, Retresco offers a SaaS solution for large scale content automation. It allows web, product and SEO content to be created for all relevant marketing and sales channels at highest quality. In contrast to offers like ChatGPT, error-free production of several thousand or tens of thousands of texts within a few minutes is possible, whilst remaining open to human intervention ("Human-in-the-Loop"). is continuously being further developed. As an AI pioneer, Retresco offers fully automated content creation without initial text input. At the same time, it also supports the latest trends such as Google SGE or the Helpful Content Update.
  • AI-supported topic management: Topic management is an AI-based SaaS solution which helps businesses structure and cluster their content. The solution is based on machine learning to identify and compile semantically relevant content.

Johannes Sommer, CEO of Retresco, comments on the new management team and focus on generative AI: "Technological disruptions are changing the business world at a rapid pace. Generative AI enables completely new business models, tools and services across all sectors. We want to identify the needs of our customers early on and align our offering accordingly. With the right talents and a culture of collaboration, we can act even more effectively and can offer clear benefits. The new management team is composed of recognised experts, and will utilise internal resources to serve our customers better and to further strengthen our leading market position."

With the new management team and the focus on AI-based strategies and offers, Retresco is addressing current customer requirements and market developments. According to corporate consultants McKinsey, generative AI has enormous economic potential. The annual productivity gain is estimated up to $4.4 trillion. In comparison to its current use, the latest applications are expected to boost the proportion of generative AI to as much as 40%.

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