About Retresco

We automate human language

Retresco is one of the market leaders in the automated analysis and generation of content. We are pursuing a groundbreaking vision: recording, processing and automating the most basic cultural tool in the world – the human language. We have been helping companies around the world automate their language-based business processes since 2008.

Our 70-strong team consists of experts specialised in computer linguistics, linguistic sciences, machine learning, software development and many other disciplines.

Efficient organisation of content processes with Natural Language Processing

As a pioneer in the field of Natural Language Processing, we develop industry solutions for business processes in the content segment. We develop our applications and projects at the crossroads of linguistics, computer science and artificial intelligence. Natural Language Understanding and Natural Language Generation are particularly important branches here.

Semantic knowledge management with Natural Language Understanding

We are one of the world’s leading providers of Natural Language Understanding. We have many years of experience and extensive expertise in developing semantic solutions for organising large volumes of digital content – providing us with the ideal foundation for cutting-edge automatic content optimisation.  

Automatically generated content with Natural Language Generation

We use Natural Language Generation to automate a wide range of language- and text-based business processes. This technology automatically creates natural language copy in numerous different languages. We help our customers generate easy-to-read text for digital commerce, media, reporting or the stock market.

Text automation, topic management and services from a single source

Our content automation platform transforms structured data into high-reach content. Our topic management system automates content distribution by identifying content in relation to reader interest and organising the content accordingly. Both solutions are provided as SaaS, although we also allow for on-premises use upon request.  

Drive Business through Outstanding Content Automation

We support our customers with high-performance AI language technologies to improve demand and customer satisfaction and to scale growth. In digital commerce, media and many other industries, companies benefit from optimised, automatically generated web, product, SEO and offline copy in European and Asian languages.

In addition to our technology, we offer professional services along the entire content life cycle, ranging from analysis and modelling to integration and text generation. We also offer semantic processes to tap the potential of data and content and to harness that potential with high-performance information retrieval. At the same time, we are able to take linguistic context into account in specific customer projects and to create links that benefit our customers.

Our customers include Commerzbank, Der Spiegel, Deutscher Fußball-Bund, FAZ, ImmobilienScout24, MediaMarktSaturn, RP Online and Westermann, among others.  

Our values

Responsible use of AI

As an AI company, we operate at the crossroads of technology, business and society – a field that is as exciting as it is sensitive. As human beings, we have an obligation to use AI responsibly, so it is all the more important for our company to have a detailed, well-founded identity and strong corporate values. Our values reflect our identity as a technology provider, and we have set ourselves the goal of actively embodying these values, both internally and externally.

Expertise & skill

At Retresco, we believe in applying professional expertise and skill to all aspects of our work. What sets us apart is our effective combination of innovative approaches and extensive expertise. Our solutions and customer projects would not be possible without the passion and expert knowledge of our colleagues. We are also focused on ensuring that our technologies are always used in a pragmatic, realistic way.

Innovation & the exchange of ideas

The holistic range of experience that our interdisciplinary team brings to the table allows us to develop innovative solutions effectively. Sharing perspectives and knowledge lays the foundation for efficient, creative work. We use hackathons, retrospectives and continuing education programmes to keep us inspired and engaged with the rapidly changing world of technology we are involved in, and we are always on the lookout for new opportunities to share and expand our expertise.

Appreciation & team spirit

We believe in a company culture that values every member of our team. That means allowing flexible working hours and family-friendly hiring policies that promote a healthy work-life balance. We place a strong emphasis on a work environment characterised by mutual respect, where individual strengths are nurtured and individual desires are honoured. It’s very important to us to give our employees the freedom to work independently, to offer and receive constructive feedback, and to view mistakes as positive things that help us learn.  

Retresco follows strict ethical standards in the context of automated text generation using artificial intelligence. You can find out more in our Responsible AI policy paper.

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