Question Answering Systems

Customised, Automated Knowledge Transfer in Dialogue Format

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Question-Answering Systems - Key Visual

You need a question answering system in the style of ChatGPT, based on your own content such as FAQs, manuals, and documents? Our team of AI experts develops intelligent Q&A systems tailored to your needs! These customised question answer services deliver information quickly and flawlessly in natural dialogue systems. With their user-friendly interface, they promote effective monetisation of your content assets.

Q&A Dialogue Structures That Adapt to Your Needs

Example graphic - Intelligent Q&A Dialogue Structure

Question Answering Systems Are Versatile

Q&A systems have various applications:

Internal Knowledge Management

Provide your employees quick access to relevant information and expertise by effectively utilising extensive databases and documentation archives.

Product and Process Consultation

Simplify access to complex and extensive operating manuals and process documentation; provide understandable answers to customers and employees.

Customer Support and Help Centre

Answer customer inquiries quickly and precisely in real-time, reduce user wait times, and simultaneously increase the efficiency of your support.

Legal and Compliance Advisory

Provide answers to legal questions and topics – and receive support in complying with legal regulations.

Interactive Learning

Develop services that complement existing materials, tailor educational and training content, and convey individual strengths and weaknesses.

Real-time Expert Information

Benefit from users being able to ask tailored (follow-up) questions on specialised topics and latest insights, obtaining a deeper understanding in real-time.

Benefit From the Advantages of a Tailored Solution

Question-Answering Systems - Consulting and Coaching

Consultation and Coaching

Benefit from our years of expertise and receive support in feasibility analyses, effort estimates, concepts, and through to finished developments.

Question-Answering Systems - Ideas Workshops

Idea Workshops

Unsure how to start with generative AI? Let us support you by developing ideas, applications, and goals together.

Question-Answering Systems - Tailor-made user interfaces

Custom User Interfaces

Conquer through personalisation. Benefit from user-specific input and output interfaces tailored to your preferences and requirements.

Question-Answering Systems - Precise, context-sensitive search

Precise, Context-sensitive Search

Leverage the capabilities of Generative AI. Consider the search term context and synonyms to provide users with precise, context-sensitive search results.

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