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Visual Google SGE

AI Overviews (former SGE) is Google's new search engine that uses generative AI to summarise relevant and informative search results in an area above the organic search results. These search results are often supplemented by other elements such as Google Shopping.  

Google appears to be satisfied with initial tests in the USA, India and Japan and has rolled out the function in 120 other countries. Currently, the EU, Switzerland and the UK are still excluded.

Calculate the Impact of Google's AI Overviews Update


Website visits per month Traffic per month

70 %

Organic traffic from Google Google share

2 %

Average conversion rate Conversion rate

100 €

Average basket value ⌀ basket value

Potential drop in revenue per year

-15.840.000 €

+12.840.000 €

* Calculated using estimated values derived from the AI Overviews beta test in search engine results pages (SERPs) in the US and India.

Who Benefits From AI Overviews?

The update improves the search experience for users by enabling a Google search in conversational mode. It aims to personalise search queries to a high degree and tailor the answers to relevant results. It is designed to support purchasing decisions by providing customised, bundled information.

SGE Bluetooth Speakers - screenshot

Google SGE - cross-channel

Dialogue style on all devices directly in the search

Google SGE - Customer Journey

Faster and more efficient results for complex search queries

Google SGE - bundling information

Improved customer journey, avoiding clicks away from search engine

Google SGE - KI-Services

Consolidation of information and product descriptions

Google SGE - Complex search queries

Improved decision-making and faster path to purchase for users

Google SBU - Improved Decisions

Additional AI services such as image elements in the search

Challenges and Opportunities

Google's AI Overviews creates new conditions in the "SEO Game" for marketing, content, and SEO teams. Without a new strategy, the visibility and organic reach of topics and product descriptions are at risk. AI Overviews challenges entire business models. This is especially true for online publishers who monetise through targeted online marketing or ads, billed based on impressions or clicks.

At the same time, AI Overviews also offers the opportunity to stand out from the crowd through page-specific, user-specific content—and to build visibility and customer connections through tailored responses!  


  • Content Quality: Informative texts that can answer questions about purchase decisions increase visibility.

  • Niche Positioning: Specialising in a topic increases the chances of AI Overviews picking up and displaying the content to your potential customers.

  • Google Shopping: Maintaining data in Google's Merchant Center becomes even more relevant to ensure the creation of additional touchpoints with users.


  • Content Discovery:  shifting forward; information is collected in the search engine and organic traffic to website is reduced.

  • Organic Traffic: Reduced organic traffic leads to a decrease in touchpoints with customers and increases pressure on communication.

  • Time Efficiency: Time spent creating relevant content to improve user experience; product descriptions and texts should always be enriched with up-to-date information and align with buying intent.

What Does This Mean for the Content Strategies of E-Commerce Companies?

Product Detail Pages

Include information that aligns with the buying intent and answer questions that potential customers genuinely ask; provide the opportunity to generate user-generated content (e.g., product reviews and images).


Keep your pages consistently up-to-date to turn every customer interaction into a positive experience. This includes updating inventory, highlighting product changes, addressing seasonal features and sales.

A/B Tests

Conduct A/B tests with various texts to measure effectiveness in terms of visibility, interaction, and conversion rates, and then use these insights to optimise your pages according to the needs of your customers.

How Can Text Automation Help Prepare For This Update?

The content automation platform offers you the opportunity to create text templates for individual, channel-specific, and mobile-optimised product detail pages based on your data and insights around real buying intent derived from current search trends. Large Scale Content Automation with provides several advantages compared to other technologies, combining GPT-based and rule-based approaches:

  • High Scalability: Enables easy and effective creation of product detail pages in large quantities
  • Avoidance of AI Hallucinations: Central organisation and verification of text templates, automated creation rules, and text variants help prevent AI hallucinations.
  • Human-in-the-Loop: Human interventions in the creation processes remain possible at any time to ensure they meet requirements and standards
  • Responsiveness and adaptability: Allows for ongoing improvements and changes to product texts and testing the effectiveness of different texts.

Our new feature, the Buying Intent Assistant, allows you to create text templates with a single click, capturing the latest search queries and trends in the text structure. This effortlessly optimises product descriptions to address current search queries and individual purchase intent.

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