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Here at Retresco, we are proud to have experienced, knowledgeable generative AI experts on our team. As speakers, they enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience in generative AI, machine learning and natural language processing.

They are the ideal people to provide you with a clear, well-founded overview of the latest developments and use cases in generative AI technology – at conferences, workshops, webinars, or other events.

Interested companies and event organisers benefit from valuable first-hand expertise on generative AI. Over the last 15 years, we have successfully developed and implemented more than 250 projects in natural language processing, machine learning and AI-based content automation.

Johannes Sommer

Johannes Sommer implements cross-industry automation projects focusing on data-driven text generation using artificial intelligence, also known as natural language generation. As an expert in digital transformation and content automation, Johannes has the foresight to spot trends and developments with potential and convert them into technological innovations that can benefit customers in a wide range of industries.


Photo by Johannes Sommer

Anastasia Linnik
Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer (CAIO)

Anastasia Linnik has a computer linguistics background; she holds a doctorate in cognitive sciences and linguistics. She has more than 10 years of IT experience and extensive expertise in software development, project and product management, cross-function projects, agile methods, and strategy.


Photo by Anastasia Linnik

Daniel Niedermayer
Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

Daniel Niedermayer has more than 15 years of international experience in eCommerce and has held numerous leadership roles in sales and marketing. He is an experienced speaker in the field of pay-per-click (PPC) and has given talks at prestigious events such as OMR, Google Digital Garage, Squared Online and Digital Bash.


Photo by Daniel Niedermayer

Markus Baeuerle
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Markus Baeuerle is an expert in the successful design and implementation of AI-based projects. With more than 15 years of experience in project management and overseeing complex AI projects, he has a unique ability to share his expertise in a clear and inspiring way.


Photo by Markus Baeurle

Dr. Viktoria Apel
Team Lead Customer Success Management

Dr. Viktoria Apel ist - aus der Romanistik und Afrikalinguistik kommend - Expertin für sprachtypologische Fragestellungen. Als Team Lead Customer Success Management hat sie langjährige Erfahrung in der Kundenbetreuung und multilingualen Projektumsetzung verschiedenster Use Cases, vom e-Commerce über Immobilien bis zur Sportberichterstattung.

Photo by Viktoria Apel

Maike Albers
Senior Project Manager

Maike Albers brings many years of experience in Project Management and Project Development from the film and media industry. As a Senior Project Manager at Retresco, her focus is on consulting and conceptualising projects. She leads workshops with customers to identify and define needs, requirements, solutions and project scope.


Photo by Maike Albers

Matthias Fertig
Senior Account Executive

Matthias Fertig has extensive experience in consulting on successful computational linguistics, data quality, and customer experience projects, as well as generative AI. His specialisation lies in the sectors of digital commerce, industry and finance. As a regular presenter in the field of Natural Language Processing and generative AI, he focuses on conveying application scenarios and use cases.


Photo by Matthias Fertig

Aline Castendiek
Computer Linguist

Aline Castendiek holds a degree in computer linguistics from the University of Potsdam and has been working at Retresco since 2018. She brings many years of experience in software development to the table, particularly in the field of natural language processing and machine learning. At Retresco, her focus is on natural language generation, (open) Q&A systems and backend development in Python.


Photo by Aline Castendiek

Tobias Günther
Lead Machine Learning Engineer

Tobias Guenther is a seasoned expert in the field of machine learning and specialises in natural language processing (NLP) with more than 10 years of experience in the implementation of NLP projects. He has been with Retresco since 2012; he works on research and development projects and consults on machine learning issues across teams.


Photo by Tobias Günther

Daniel Gröber
Sales Manager

Daniel Groeber has more than 10 years of experience in sport and digital commerce. Among other projects, he is the co-author of the ‘Google Ads Professional’ report from OMR Education. His areas of expertise include natural language processing and generative AI in sport, focusing on the automation and internationalisation of sport reporting and athlete profiles.


Photo by Daniel Gröber

Janina Abou Al Ward
Product Marketing Managerin

With over 8 years of experience in digital marketing focusing on volatile markets such as programmatic advertising, Janina Abou Al Ward is an experienced product marketing manager who specialises in growth and go-to-market strategies. At Retresco, she collaborates with relevant stakeholders to develop the shaping of product messages from various angles.


Photo by Janina Abou Al Ward

Aleksandar Petrovic
Key Account Manager

Aleksandar Petrovic specialises in custom AI projects at Retresco. His consulting focus is on the conceptualisation and implementation of AI services, both for internal customer projects and for B2B2C applications. Aleksandar has a decade of experience in IT transformation projects, particularly in the areas of sales automation, CRM, solution design and business modelling.


Foto vy Aleksandar Petrovic

All of our experts contribute years of expertise from a range of different industries, and they are capable of inspiring technical and non-technical target groups in equal measure. Their talks offer a mixture of theoretical knowledge and practical applications, and they deliver expertise tailored to their target group with the aim of demonstrating and discussing the potential and challenges of generative AI and data-driven content automation within organisations.

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